Uplifting Topics for a Research Paper on Depression

As a student who’s taking a psychology class in college, you’ll get to explore complex and common mental health issue called depression. In order to assess your understanding of the subject, a teacher may assign you to a depression research paper. Such type of academic work aims to detect and discuss the symptoms, significance, diagnosis, treatment, and consequences of this mental disorder. To score the top grade, you’ll need to choose an interesting research topic, plan out your essay, and refer to relevant sources of data.

This post provides you with some useful writing tips and helps you choose the best topic for a research paper on depression.

depression research paper topics

How to Choose Depression Topics for Research Paper?

To begin with, you need to choose a topic of your future essay. Here’re a few recommendations to consider:

  • Write about a subject you’re interested in.
  • Consider the assumed length of your paper and make sure you find enough data for it.
  • Make background research, choose a back-up topic.
  • Limit the scope of research, avoid overly generic topics.
  • Refer only to legit and credible sources of information.
  • Present the information in the essay objectively.

Now it’s time to write a depression research paper outline. Just like other types of academic works, it should consist of:

  1. Introduction (with a thesis statement);
  2. Body part (with key arguments);
  3. Conclusion;
  4. Reference page.

Don’t stop researching, add more details to the outline and write the final draft. Revise, edit and correct your paper several times before submitting it. Take care of the formatting (it can be APA, MLA, Chicago or other styles).

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Common Topics for a Research Paper About Depression

Unless you’re pursuing a degree in psychology, studying depression will come only as a part of your psychology class, and most likely will be somewhat generic. Thus, when assigned to a depression academic essay, you don’t have to choose a controversial, a challenging or a narrow topic with little research data on it. It’s best to stick to one of the common general topics with plenty of material to study and refer to. You can write:

  • a research paper on depression and anxiety;
  • psychological reasons for depression research paper;
  • postpartum depression research papers;
  • research paper on depression in children;
  • teen depression research paper;
  • research paper on depression in college students;
  • depression in women research paper;
  • drugs in the treatment of depression & anxiety research papers;

In your essay, you can write about the reasons, symptoms, and common ways of treatments of these depression types.

Ideas for the great depression research paper that will score high

Here are a few examples of good depression research topics; while being generic and widely-discussed, they will let you write an excellent academic essay.

  • How parents can help young people cope with depression.
  • Signs and symptoms of “masked depression” in children.
  • What causes postpartum depression in women?
  • The reasons for depression in women in developed countries.
  • What are the key symptoms of major depression in adults?
  • Can regular physical exercising help to overcome depression?
  • Ways to come out of depression in a short period of time.
  • At what stage is it crucial to request a depression & anxiety-related sick leave?

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Advanced Topics for Top-Grade Depression Research Papers

If the amount of scientific data available on the common topics seems to be overwhelming, you can narrow down your choice to one particular aspect of depression. An in-depth research and thorough planning will help you in completing a sold, A-worthy paper. The following topics suggested by the writing experts are divided into several categories.

Teenage depression research paper topics

  • How manifestation of adolescent depression differs from one of adult depression?
  • Which warning signs should parents look for, to detect depression in their teenage children?
  • Can peer bullying and internet bullying cause depression in teenagers?
  • The risks of adolescent depression causing self-harm and suicide, and the ways to prevent it.

Diagnose and treatment of depression essay ideas

  • Treatment of depression: do teenagers react to medication in the same way as adults?
  • What are the ways of diagnosing depression at the early stage?
  • Are there any effective natural alternatives that could replace drugs in depression treatment?
  • What signs signify that a person is ready to stop taking depression and anxiety drugs?

Postpartum depression research paper topics

  • The causes and early signs of postpartum depression.
  • An outlook on postpartum depression: can it be prevented and in what ways?
  • The role of the families’ social support in helping new moms to withstand postpartum depression.
  • Which assessments can measure the risks of postpartum depression?

Ideas for a research paper on depression and social behavior

  • The ways to differentiate a person caught by depression based on their social behavior.
  • The consequences of a long-lasting untreated depression on a person’s mental health.
  • What steps can a person’s surrounding (family, social group) take to help them come out of anxiety and depression?
  • How do the symptoms of depression and autism differ?

Depression & human psychology essay topics

  • What psychological behavior reflects that a person is caught by depression?
  • Can clinical psychology help in depression treatment?
  • Different stages a person with depression goes through, and which one of them is the most dangerous?
  • Which symptoms point that a person is being drained to the roots with depression?

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