Drug Abuse Research Paper Topics That Will ignite Your Enthusiasm

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03 Dec 2019

Drug addiction is a rather interesting issue to cover. Any work in this area is the projection of your particular point of view on this problem. In drug abuse and addiction research paper (be it an essay, thesis, or any other project), you are going to study the ominous issue that troubles people of all ages and social groups as well as triggers not only problems with health but also social turmoil: increasing thefts, murders, deaths, and crimes rates. This topic may be considered from different perspectives. Therefore, when assigned a drug abuse research paper, try to decide which aspect you would be interested in covering and the line of reasoning you'd adhere to: for, against or both. Statistics and information relating to drug misuse are updated continuously; thus, even in your project refers to an area that has been well-covered before, you will surely find some fresh and relevant data.drug abuse research paper

Remember that in the process of academic writing, one of the most crucial points is to pick up a winning topic. That is why college-goers often prefer working with controversial subjects that encourage readers to think more about a particular problem, its causes and consequences. Below we have gathered 20 the most gripping ideas for drug and alcohol abuse research paper. Choose the one you are into the most and go ahead with writing!

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Topics for Prescription Drug Abuse Research Paper

Have you ever taken the prescribed medicine other than required by the doctor or that wasn’t actually yours? Problematic misuse of prescription drugs is one of the fastest-growing issues in the United States and a very prospective subject for a research paper on drug abuse. In 2018, there were so many painkillers prescribed that it would be enough to supply every American 24/7 for a month. Medicine abuse involves everything from merely taking a friend’s painkiller for your headache to injecting pills to get high. Despite its negative consequences, this issue may become compulsive and ongoing; therefore, it’s necessary to raise awareness of the problems in order to help prevent it. One of the ways is academic writing on this subject at colleges and universities. Here we’ve collected some of the controversial topics for you to consider:

  • What are the health implications of prescription drug abuse?
  • How can pharmacists and doctors contribute to eliminating the incidents of prescription drug addiction?
  • Why do adults abuse the drugs prescribed by their doctors?
  • How can prescription drugs misuse be prevented?
  • Is there any correlation between advertising and abusing prescribed medicine?

Ideas for Teenage Drug Abuse Research Paper

Unfortunately, many young people regard experiments with alcohol and drugs as an essential part of growing up and pay no attention to the disastrous consequences and significant risk to their health and life. Some of them get acquainted with drugs through prescriptions or stealing from parents’ cabinets; others become curious after friends’ bad advice or listening to a popular song that mentions drug abuse. Whatever the reason for teenage drug addiction, this issue should be eradicated. Below are some of the directions to focus on in your research project:

  • Why is substance abuse considered cool in college culture?
  • What are the causes of drug addiction among teenagers?
  • What are the long-term consequences of adolescent drug use?
  • How to spot teen who misuses drugs?
  • What are the keys to drug addiction among youth prevention?

Example of Research Paper About Drug Abuse and Sociology Topics

From the point of sociology, the topic of drug abuse is studied perfectly well. On the one hand, there is enough information and statistics; on the other hand, they have already been analyzed. Correlation between drugs and social status, different age, profession and nationality groups – almost every side of human life was scrutinized in relation to drug addiction. Nevertheless, you are welcome to use sociological data and researches in new, creative ways. Here are 10 topics to inspire and get you started:

  • What are the categories of people most vulnerable to drug abuse?
  • Cultural and ethical traditions that may lead to drug addiction.
  • Assess the impact of drug abuse on social relations and family.
  • What is the correlation between drug abuse and HIV/AIDS spreading?
  • What are the main reasons for drug addiction in different social groups?
  • Should drugs be allowed for personal usage?
  • Steps of rehabilitation and resocializing the victims of drug addiction.
  • Is addiction to drugs a disease or a choice?
  • How does drugs misuse influence personal development?
  • Why is drug addiction a social issue?

We hope you won’t face any difficulties when working on your research paper. With all these brilliant topics to pick up from, you are all set! Still, if you feel that some point of academic writing puzzles you, don’t hesitate and turn to one of the best research paper writing services. Choose any topic from the list or come up with yours, and we will do the rest. Get A-level drug and alcohol abuse or nursing research papers for sale just in time without any struggle!


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