Environmental Research Topics for College Students

Triviality but fact: writing an essay in college is much more complicated than in high school. That’s no wonder as essay topics are much more comprehensive, relevant, and specific. One of the most pressing issues of our time is environmental protection. In order to resolve current contradictions in the relationship between society and nature as well as to overcome the ecological crisis, a new way of thinking is needed. Under these conditions, environmental studies are very important for specialists in all areas. That is why students write so many works on this issue.

A properly selected subject of research is half the success. So here you can learn more about which topics are better to choose for your environment research paper.

environment research paper

General Yet Interesting Environmental Topics

All research topics require an in-depth analysis and a thorough search for information. So try to choose a topic which won’t get you bored. After all, learning something interesting for you is always easier.

Topics for environmental studies project: general ecology issues

If you have not picked up a topic, then check out a few general ecology issues that you can try to reveal or use as examples. These options cover a wide range of issues, so you can choose the one that suits you best.

  1. The role of energy conservation in enhancing environmental benefits.
  2. International cooperation on environmental issues.
  3. Ecotoxicology and risk assessment of anthropogenic toxic pollution.
  4. Utilization of fuel emissions and environmental benefits.
  5. The electromagnetic field of modern household appliances and its impact on ecosystems.

Of course, you can also choose rather controversial topics, for example, “Does the world need a mammoth clone?” or select a more philosophical option like “The role of environment in personality development” research paper. It depends on you. The main thing is to explore the question under study comprehensively and adhere to the paper structure.

Top Ideas for Environment Research Papers

A ready-made selection of topics for research can facilitate your work significantly. At least, you’ll have a few options in stock. Take a look at the best ideas for your research paper about the environment.

Environmental law topics for papers: water pollution

Water occupies a unique position among the natural resources of the Earth. There is no more precious fossil than water – life is impossible without it. So meet the research-worthy selection of most serious water pollution issues.

  1. The economic principles of sustainable water use.
  2. The impact of water consumption on the environment.
  3. Modern methods of industrial wastewater treatment.
  4. Thermal pollution of water pools.
  5. Ways to minimize anthropogenic pollution of the hydrosphere.

List of Environment Topics of Global Significance

There are so many environmental issues that people face nowadays and may have in the future. The results can be awe-inspiring. You may begin to take care of this if you check out the list of good research environment topics and choose one for your academic paper.

Interesting environmental science topics: global warming

We hear about global warming and how it threatens us at every corner! This topic is so urgent that it is worth taking a note, agree? Here are some good ideas for research on the global warming topic.

  1. Why ocean acidification is a serious problem?
  2. Melting permafrost and its effects of climate change.
  3. What are the consequences of increasing CO₂ concentrations in the atmosphere?
  4. Global warming: myth or reality?
  5. Is the role of a human in global warming so great?

While understanding the importance of accomplishing academic tasks on your own, sooner or later, many students think something like “I can’t handle it all. Can I get help somewhere or maybe someone can do my research paper for me?”. It’s hard to say if this is a good idea. On the one hand, you cannot be sure that your research will be carried out on the required level of quality. On the other hand, if the writing service you address is really professional, that’s not a problem. Moreover, it really saves time. We’d suggest that using such services is worth it if only you put your task to the last minute, and the deadline hangs over you like a sword of Damocles. If this occurs, be sure to carefully study all the research paper service reviews and only then order research from them.

Alternatively, try to find examples of scholarly articles about the environment that are freely available on the Web (they usually come in downloadable PDF or Words files). You can use them as a source of inspiration and come up with your own ideas.