Environmental Science Topics for Research Paper

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17 Oct 2019

Modern environmental science is not limited to the framework of one discipline only. It turns into an interdisciplinary science that studies the most complex problems caused by the aggravation of the ecological situation on a global scale.

Today, environmental science is presented as an activity aimed at transforming all other forms of modern human activity: managerial, industrial, social, health, etc. Therefore, many college students, even if they don’t study at the relevant program, should write environmental science research papers.environmental science research

Find it difficult to choose a suitable topic for such a paper? Here you’ll find many helpful ideas and tips to help you out. Let’s get started!

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Great Environmental Science Research Paper Topic Ideas

At the college level, research papers in the field of environmental science aim to find concrete answers and practical solutions to help stop environmental pollution. If you carry such tasks out and conduct research, you can be a part of this and maybe even solve some of the global problems. Thus, you need to get serious about finding a proper topic for your research. Below there are examples of successful issues that you can study and achieve excellent results. Check them out!

Environmental issues for research: Air pollution

It is no secret that air pollution in many regions of our planet is becoming a global problem for mankind. Ecological investigations on air pollution issues help raise awareness of this problem and find solutions to counter it.

  1. Meteorological aspects of air pollution.
  2. Redistribution of passenger transport motion flows as a factor determining the quality of the city's atmospheric air.
  3. Risk assessment of diseases caused by air pollution.
  4. What methods of diagnosing the environmental safety of vehicles can be used?

Examples of environmental paper topics: Deforestation

Everyone understands that deforestation can lead to ecological disaster. It would seem that this topic has already been fully explored. But no, there are many interesting research questions regarding this issue – take advantage of them.

  1. Can deforestation be a reason for spreading diseases?
  2. Complete forest restoration after fires and deforestation: is it possible?
  3. How to deal with illegal deforestation?
  4. Ecological consequences of unsustainable deforestation.

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List of Good Environmental Science Research Paper Topics

You must have heard that the topic of research should be relevant. But what does that mean? How to determine the degree of relevance? Well, your topic should be meaningful, requiring proper solution and development at the present time. Think whether your issue attracts attention? Does it need additional studies? As an example, you can take one of the relevant topics below.

Sample topics for the environmental article: Acid rains

A few years ago, the expression “acid precipitations” was known only to scientists working to experts in certain fields of ecology and chemistry of the atmosphere. Over the past few years, these words cause concern in many countries around the world. Acid rains issues are a good topic choice for your research.

  1. The mechanism of acid rains formation and precipitation.
  2. Is human industrial activity the only cause of acid rain?
  3. The effects of street improvement on acidification of the soil.
  4. An increase in acid precipitation: a path to disaster or a myth?

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Environmental topics for research: Climate changes

We can notice global climate changes without even being experts in this area. In recent years, the climate on Earth has changed notably: some countries suffer from abnormal heat, others from snowy winters, unusual for these places. Environmentalists are constantly talking about such issues as the average annual temperature increase, ice melting, sea levels rising. Hence, if we’re talking about relevant topics, climate change is clearly one of them.

  1. Climate change: is warming continuing?
  2. What is the impact of climate change on human health?
  3. Natural disasters and the changing pattern of precipitation.
  4. The Arctic sea ice reduction and its impact on the environment.

Of course, this is not a complete list of engaging topics that provide a solid basis for environmental research. However, you can use them as a source of inspiration to come up with your own ideas.

If you’re going to pay for research papers, don’t forget to carefully discuss the topic with the research paper writer. Even if you’re not analyzing the information for the study, you will still need to know what your paper is about. So make sure to carefully read the received PDF or Word file!

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