Foreign Policy Research Paper Topics for Successful Writing

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27 Jan 2020

Writing a research paper about the foreign policy of your or any other country may seem rocket science at first: it requires a profound knowledge of the current geopolitical situation, as well as such sciences as sociology, geography, economy, and even psychology. Each and every decision in international relations is made after thorough calculations and analysis. Nothing is done randomly… or at least shouldn’t be.

foreign policy topics research paper

International relations usually deal with politics, economy, law, energy and many other aspects of a country’s foreign policy, so you have a million and one topic options for your essay or thesis. The only limitation here is your time resource and deadline that must be taken into account when choosing the idea for your research paper. The topic you decide on must address some specific issues and add some new dimension to the already available academic literature. If necessary, your professor or tutor may help you come up with a winning idea or even assign one. Make sure that the subject you choose to explore has enough offline or online materials, for example, news platforms and peer-reviewed journals. This will not only provide you a reasonable basis for research but also help to defend your paper with credible sources.

Those who are struggling to select the final topic can take advantage of the list below. Our college essay writing service experts have collected different types of foreign policy topics to help start a research paper. Actually, they can do the same exclusively for you. Moreover, they can craft an entire piece according to your requirements.


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Easy Foreign Policy Research Paper Topics for All Occasions

To choose the easy and hot research paper topic about foreign policy, try checking the media first. Scroll the news, read the newspapers. Of course, not all journalists are experts in the international relations field; however, many of them are definitely aware of the latest events across the globe. Besides, when writing an article, they usually ask respected experts for comments on the situation, and these comments might serve as handy sources of information or data for your work. Here, we have gathered some simple yet relevant topics. Hopefully, they will give you some insights you could use for your outstanding foreign policy essay.


Most Popular US Foreign Policy Topics for a Research Paper in 2020

USA’s conduct of foreign policy proves that the country addresses the dual realities of modern opportunities and threats in a world that becomes much more interdependent and where technology surpasses the traditional understanding of security and borders. In your research paper, don’t try to cover every possible aspect of US relations with other countries. Focus on a single issue, event, state or theory and present it as detailed as you can. Feel free to check our list of American foreign policy research paper topics that will work great for your academic writing.


Argumentative Canadian Foreign Policy Essay Topics

Current Canadian foreign policy has been primarily shaped by close dependence and integration with the United States. However, global trends and events, as well as the Trump administration’s confrontational protectionism, have disrupted the country’s assumptions and position. Therefore, if Canada needs a policy review can become a compelling topic for your research paper. Below you will find some other controversial ideas for study worth thinking about.

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