Gender Research Paper Topics That Will Spark Your Curiosity

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22 Jan 2020

Nowadays, the questions of gender equality and gender discrimination become more urgent and popular and are widely discussed all over the world. The theme of gender identification comes into the spotlight, too. This is why teachers tend to assign students to research papers on gender studies more often than before. Being a delicate piece of writing, an essay on gender requires respect, tact, and a good understanding of the subject. While writing about gender is already not the most straightforward task, choosing a gender research topic can become a real challenge for many students.

gender research topics

In this blog post, we give you some useful bits of advice on writing research papers on gender inequality and discrimination and offer a list of interesting and off-beat topics that will help you drive attention to relevant and engaging issues. Besides, if there's such a need, our qualified writers can craft the entire piece that would follow all your requirements.


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Recommendations on Choosing Good Gender Studies Research Topics

Preparing a research work about gender may seem quite easy until you realize how big the variety of topics can be covered here. Whether you’re provided with a list of possible themes or are given the freedom to choose any issue by yourself, we recommend opting for the one which evokes your interest. Researching and writing on the topic that you can relate to makes the whole process more comfortable and exciting. Some of the popular themes that you can use as a starting point include:

  • Gender roles
  • Gender stereotypes
  • Gender inequality
  • Advertising and gender
  • Differences in leadership
  • Sexual crimes and harassment
  • Women’s history
  • Feminism
  • Men and depression

If you cannot come up with a good topic right away, you can check scholarly journals or recent scientific publications and see which themes drive your attention. You can also look through Internet sites, forums, and social networks to find some trending issues that are widely discussed in society at the moment. Besides, gender-related issues depicted in books, films, and reflected in mass media can inspire you to research some particular questions in detail.

Here are few writing recommendations that will aid at preparing a solid and outstanding work:

  1. In order to support your points, you need to provide relevant information. Always refer only to official sources, and use checked facts and statistics.
  2. Whatever you are writing about, avoid discriminating against others and omit the facts and statements that might be offensive to someone. Be objective and tolerant. Imagine that you are addressing a broad mixed audience that includes all genders and write accordingly.
  3. Unless specified otherwise by your teacher, the paper you write should include introduction (with a thesis statement); ‘body’ part; conclusion; and bibliography. Use this structure as a basic plan and develop each section thoroughly. Don’t forget to revise, proofread and format your work before submission.


Thought-Provoking Gender Inequality Research Paper Topics

In today’s society, the issues related to gender inequality are considered to be some of the most topical and urgent. The current situation around the genders being treated differently in various spheres of life needs to undergo rapid and serious changes. That’s why many students decide to write research works on gender inequality. Further, you’ll find some great ideas for your paper.


Inspirational Gender and Development Research Topics

Being off-beat and original, the following ideas will spark your curiosity and help to enjoy the process of researching and writing.


Advanced Gender Issues Topics for Research Paper

Although these challenging gender topics may require extra time and diligence, the result of the research will definitely be worth your effort.

As you can see, to make your gender issues research paper be ‘A’-worthy, you need to choose an exciting topic, conduct extensive research, and apply proper planning and writing skills. This isn’t always an easy task, and sometimes you may wonder: “Can someone write my research papers on gender for me?” The good news is that you can always apply to a reliable custom research paper writing service like Our experienced writers will help you create a unique and decent work!


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