Outstanding Human Rights Research Paper Topics That Will Spur Your Writing Enthusiasm

In our modern world, awareness about social issues is growing every day, and along with it, the importance of human rights keeps increasing, too. Enlightening the pendent problems through writing has significant gravity because writing provokes action, which, in turn, results in a change. This is why students of various ages and specializations are often assigned to writing essays on human rights. Research papers on this subject provide a chance to broaden one’s knowledge about humanity, gain a better understanding of a society’s structure, and explore human rights controversial and topical problems.

Like many other students, at first, you might find it difficult to choose the best topic for your future essay on human rights. But as soon as you conduct quick research, you’ll realize that this subject can be viewed through the most various prisms – from politics to cultural studies. Taking this fact into consideration, you can write virtually about anything, be that policy on refugees in the US or violation of human rights in Europe. In any case, remember that your essay should be backed up with relevant information and statistical data. You can find it in books and scientific publications in English or on international online databases.

Want more helpful bits of advice and exciting ideas? Then keep reading, and we’ll help you compose an outstanding research paper on human rights.

human rights research paper

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Human Rights Research Paper Example of Choosing the Best Topic Ideas

Writing a research paper on human rights is not an easy task. As one of the humanitarian disciplines, law with all its branches is considered a subject that has no universal formulas, unlike physics or math. To a significant extent, the success of an essay depends upon a research topic you choose for it. Planning out your paper and supporting its thesis statement with solid arguments is very important, too. Follow these five basic steps to prepare an impressive essay on human rights.

  1. Choose a topic. To begin with, you should pick a theme of your research. Your best option would be something that you’re familiar with or what interests you. If nothing particular comes to mind right away, you can look through scholar journals, reference books, and recent scientific publications available in the school library. Besides, you can visit specialized websites, databases, and forums.

In most cases, a research topic will depend on your specialization, but there are several topics that will definitely engage the readers:

  • Sociology students can write about diversity and discrimination;
  • Those who study economics can choose modern slavery and forced labor;
  • Students who pursue a degree in politics should pick censorship and access to information;
  • The ones who specialize in business can cover export/import regulations and issues of globalization.
  1. Conduct research. Once you’ve picked the topic, perform background research on it to ensure that you have enough relevant information to provide in your essay. Next, conduct a meticulous investigation by looking through books, scholar articles, encyclopedias, online sources, etc. Take notes while researching.
  2. Develop an outline. Your next step is creating an outline. Usually, human rights papers stick to a standard structure and include:
  • Title page;
  • Abstract;
  • Introduction;
  • Main ‘body’ part;
  • Conclusion;
  • Literature and reference;
  • Appendix (if required).
  1. Write the essay. Based on the outline, start writing your paper. Expert advice: it’s best to begin with the ‘body’ part, and compose the introduction and conclusion last because by then you’ll have a more clear vision of the subject. Organize the arguments into paragraphs and support them with the information you collected while researching. Remember that plagiarism is not acceptable!
  2. Revise and edit your paper until you come up with the final draft. Take care of the format (MLA, APA). Don’t forget to proofread and correct the piece before submission.

Human Rights Research Papers Topics for College Students

The following topics can become an excellent choice for college students of different specializations.

  • In what ways do the biggest social networks violate the right of the users for privacy?
  • Are human rights violated by the US restrictions on immigration?
  • How labor rights are influenced by global trade in different countries?
  • Should the concept of child labor vary depending on a country and culture?
  • Is there a sense in military actions as a way of protecting human rights?

Human Rights Research Paper Topics High School Student Would Value

Here’re a few examples of research topics that will help high school students score high:

  • What factors cause pay disparity based on gender in the USA?
  • LGBT community rights in different EU countries.
  • What is the link between child labor and healthy psychology of adults?
  • What human rights are frequently violated in the workplace in the US?
  • What is the role of social media in empowering women?

Advanced Human Rights Research Topics for a Worthy Essay

Although these advanced topics may require more effort and time, they will definitely impress your teacher.

  • What is the connection between today’s ecological problems and human rights?
  • Similarities and differences between human rights and civil rights movements.
  • In what ways were human rights violated in slavery and serfdom?
  • What events had the most significant influence on changes in women’s rights in the 20th century in the USA?
  • How was the freedom of creative expression violated in different countries and at different epochs?

Essays on human rights often appear to be challenging. Those who are writing research paper 5th grade can experience the same difficulties as university students in their final year. If it’s hard for you to pick the theme of the essay or if the deadline is approaching, you might think, “I need someone to write a paper for me.” Luckily, experienced writers from a reliable online company can help you with preparing a great paper on human rights that will definitely make your life easier.