Top Ideas of World and English Literature Research Paper Topics

Why do students write papers? The answer is simple. In this way, they acquire the skills of independent research activity, which are also significant in a more general sense: these skills actively contribute to the development of free and independent critical thinking. Literature is precisely the area where imagination runs wild. So you can easily find the theme that suits you best. The main thing is to find a source of inspiration.

The following topics ideas for the literature projects are fascinating in terms of finding, collecting, studying, and analyzing information for writing research papers on literature. Let them be your starting point!

literature research paper topics

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Compelling Topics for Literature Based Research Paper

The first thing that any college paper writing starts with is choosing a suitable topic. There is a large number of literature issues that haven’t been investigated by professional research paper writers yet. You can consider one of them in detail. What could it be? Literature issues for research include characters’ personalities in different works, peculiar characteristics of the particular literary genre or simply the life story of a famous poet or writer.

In the course of writing a paper on literature, you should move from general information to more specific things. For example, you first analyze the life of a poet. And then go on to consider one of the outstanding works of your choice and build your research on the circumstances in which it was written, what the author was experiencing at the moment of composing a piece, etc. This is a general rule that applies to all types of research.

Below you’ll find some examples of literature research paper topics for college students, namely issues from English, American, and world literature. Check them out now!

Research Paper Topics on English Literature

English literature is one of the main and most significant parts of world culture. Many works of writers and poets from Great Britain have been translated into other languages and have gained considerable popularity around the world. The origins of English literature go back to ancient times. While studying English literature, you can observe all periods of the historical development of the country and people, understand the features of their national character. Not surprisingly, English literature offers such a wide selection of research topics. Here are some outstanding ones:

  1. Harry Potter and social stratification
  2. The peculiarity of the bildungsroman genre in the works of Charles Dickens
  3. The image of Sherlock Holmes and his influence on world detective fiction
  4. The use of artificial language in the novel “The Lord of the Rings”
  5. The image of the young generation in E. Burgess’s “A Clockwork Orange”

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Research Paper Topics on American Literature

US literature is a relatively young yet complex and diverse area of world culture. Being in line with the Western model of civilization, American literature over the past two centuries has transformed from the subtle and peripheral phenomenon into a factor that determines many of the dominants and trends of world art. Therefore, if you need an engaging topic, choose American literature:

  1. Stephen King’s works and the US mass literature
  2. American feminist literature: the genre origins
  3. Gender stereotypes in “Game of Thrones” by J.R.R. Martin
  4. The American dream and its reflection in literature
  5. “Fight Club” and today’s society

World Literature Research Paper Topics

The good thing about writing a paper on literature is that your topic doesn’t have to cover contemporary issues. This means that you can take as a basis both the literature of the 15th or 20th century, as well as modern works. Take a look at some ideas of topics on world literature:

  1. Gender issues of the novels “Anna Karenina” by L. Tolstoy and “Madame Bovary” by G. Flaubert
  2. Formation and development of a female rogue novel in foreign literature
  3. National identity as the plot of German fiction
  4. The theme of war in world literature
  5. Chivalric romance in medieval literature

Literature Research Paper Topics on Genre

You can explore not only authors and their works but also separate literary genres, their features, and development history. Get the choice of topic research paper help here:

  1. The main characteristics of horror as a genre of fiction.
  2. Traditions of the dystopian genre in Western literature.
  3. The basic features of the detective genre.
  4. The travel genre in literature.
  5. Limerick as a genre of English poetry.

We hope these ideas are helpful and you’ll find a topic that hits the spot or helps you come up with your own concept.

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