Selected Persuasive Research Paper Topics for College Students

Looking for inspiration and a suitable topic for your persuasive paper? You’ve come to the right place. Right here, you’ll find 15 non-banal research persuasive paper topics and useful tips that will make writing an academic paper much easier.

To begin with, persuasive academic writing is a research paper that aims to convince the reader of a specific idea. Sounds easy, doesn’t it? However, the trick is that research cannot be merely based on your opinion and personal experience (this makes the difference between a research paper and a persuasive essay). Your claim should be backed up with facts, statistics, expert opinions, and other kinds of evidence.

The right topic choice will significantly simplify your research process. You need to find an idea that will not be hackneyed and studied up and down. Also, choose a topic on which you can find a lot of sufficient material for research. Here, we’ve collected the most engaging persuasive research paper topics that definitely inspire you. Check them out!

persuasive research paper topics

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Persuasive Research Paper Topics for High School Students

Most often, students choose issues that interest them and that they believe in – it makes sense. But I propose to go beyond the scope of your interests and expand your thinking. Choose one of the controversial topics below! Who knows what conclusions you’ll come to?

  • The use of mobile devices at school should be prohibited.
  • E-readers can completely replace paper books in the near future.
  • Children of drug addicts and alcoholics are more likely to have problems with drug addiction.
  • US universities should encourage foreign students to help cover expenses.
  • American high schools are paying too much attention to sports, and this is detrimental to children’s education.

Easy Persuasive Research Paper Topics for College Students

A tremendous persuasive topic idea should follow some criteria: 1) there should be no obvious answer; 2) should have at least two sides; 3) should interest other people and involve them in your reasoning; 4) should cause concern and be relevant.

Here are a few persuasive research topics for college students, which meet these requirements. Take one of them and use it well!

  • Censoring advertising is inappropriate, un-American, and destroys the concept of free enterprise and capitalism.
  • Trump’s choice as American President changes US politics forever.
  • Cybercrime is growing, and governments need to make more considerable efforts to prevent and eliminate it.
  • Detainees will be able to become effective members of society if prisons are not a place of punishment, but a place of rehabilitation.
  • Sexism is still an integral part of the lives of many women in America, despite laws and social actions.

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Universal Topics for Persuasive Research Paper

In order to write an effective persuasive research paper, always keep in mind your potential audience. What seems convincing to one will not convince the other. Of course, your professor will be the primary reader, but you should consider who else can find your reasoning persuasive. This will help develop a persuasion skill that will be incredibly useful in your future career. After all, convincing both the boss and the professor isn’t easy.

Check out universal topics for a persuasive paper that will definitely come in handy for you!

  • America’s childhood obesity is reaching the scale of the crisis, and the reasons for this are parents, mass media, and fast food in school lunches.
  • The budget of the FDA should increase to ensure the safety of our food.
  • Domestic terrorism is more dangerous than terrorism by foreigners.
  • Children of divorced parents must be entitled to divorce their parents.
  • Contrary to popular belief, violence in video games releases aggression and doesn’t provoke it in everyday life.

Unfortunately, just picking a good topic is not enough. An effective research paper and report writing requires a lot of effort from the student, a deep understanding of the topic, solid analytical skills, ability to analyze and draw meaningful conclusions. That sounds impressive. Add here other challenging assignments and student projects, part-time work, the time necessary for relaxation and personal life – and you’ll see that finding a balance is extremely far-fetched.

When I was in college, in some cases, I asked a professional writer to write my research paper for me. This can be a justified solution, especially if you’re under deadline pressure and have a vast number of tasks or you just want to make your student life a bit easier. All I can advise is to choose a performer for your persuasive research paper carefully and pick up a topic in which you’re at least a little versed.

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