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08 Nov 2019

What do Aristotle, Confucius, Emanuel Kant, and Voltaire have in common? All of them can be distinguished as philosophers who gained full acknowledgment due to their outstanding ideas that attracted the attention of the broad audience. Although philosophy as a science is losing its popularity nowadays, it doesn’t mean that people stop seeking clues to eternal questions – the mysteries that have no definitive answers.philosophy research paper topics

Being the one who studies philosophy, you must know how to prepare a solid essay that will impress your teacher and classmates. Your goal is to choose an interesting topic and support it with original, well-developed arguments. As this task is quite challenging, you, just like many other students, might be looking for effective writing tips and inspiring research ideas – and in this post you’ll find both.

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Pro Tips on How to Write a Philosophy Research Paper

Despite philosophy being an inexact branch of science, preparing a research paper on it isn’t easy as ABC. Much as essays on exact sciences – for example, chemistry or math – a powerful work on philosophy will require thorough research, deep understanding of the subject, and following specific rules. Choosing an original and relevant topic might become the key to your academic success. When looking for research paper philosophy ideas, writing experts recommend to:

  • Opt for the topic which is interesting for you and speaks out to the audience;
  • Ensure that the question you chose is arguable;
  • Be ready to provide different views and opinions on the issue.

To choose the best topic for your future research, you can look through the recent scientific publications in the printed and online sources or search among the materials available in your school library. Before you start writing, do background research to check if you can find enough information to back up your point; refer only to reliable and official sources. Make detailed notes, mark pages and save links while researching.

Philosophy Research Paper Example of an Outline

Once you made up your mind about the essay topic, it’s time to turn your notes into an early draft. When writing it, stick to the basic outline similar for student papers on the majority of disciplines. Your work should have:

  1. An introductory part with one-two sentences of a thesis statement;
  2. Main body with the arguments that enlighten the issue from different angles;
  3. A conclusion which should sum up the key point of your essay clearly and concisely;
  4. Reference pages/Bibliography.

Aside from these main parts, you may be required to include a literature review, methodology, findings, and/or discussion. Not to miss out on anything, ask your teacher about the format and style they expect you to use (APA, ASA, etc.).

Revise and edit your essay until you’re ready to come up with the final draft; proofread and correct it before submission.

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20+ Unique Philosophy Research Paper Topics

Further, you’ll find a list of excellent research topics on philosophy divided into several thematical groups.

Interesting philosophy research paper topics

Researching on one of the following topics can become an exciting process that will result in scoring high.

  • The concept of happiness as seen by philosophers of different countries and epochs;
  • The evolution of morals over history through the example of one society;
  • Which idea of a philosopher (your choice) should be considered the most groundbreaking?
  • If you aren’t 100% certain in success, should you ignore the opportunity or take it?
  • How much does ethics depend on religion today?
  • Can truth be called relative? In what situations can “white lies” be justified?
  • Should genetic engineering be legalized or banned?
  • What is the concept of the American dream and does it exist?

Exploratory topics on philosophy

When assigned to this type of research work, you should remember that philosophy can be explored in many ways. While there are no right or wrong answers, you’ll have to provide convincing and clear arguments to support your point of view.

  • Could our society live without any regulations and laws?
  • Can a person find happiness in helping others?
  • How the concept of “the best one” can be explained?
  • Should we call morality objective or subjective?
  • Are there any circumstances under which murder could be justified?
  • Can knowledge be called a result of experience or learning?

Research papers philosophy of education topics

The goal of research papers of the philosophy of education is to show that philosophy of each particular culture determines the key elements of education.

  • What benefits can private schools in the US provide to students as compared to state schools?
  • Why do some teachers want to become bilingual and believe that bilingualism is beneficial for their students?
  • What are the three categories of skills which determine computer literacy in a modern student?
  • Why teaching democracy plays an essential role in today’s curriculum and school systems?

Research paper topics in philosophy of language

  • What is the role of nationalism in search of a person’s mother tongue?
  • Can a universal language become a mean to peace (on the example of Postel’s ideal language)?
  • What are the main concepts of the Sense & Reference theory proposed by G. Frege?
  • What criteria define a system as a language? Can we call a computer language a real language, or just an analog?

Research topics in philosophy of law

  • What does the concept of legal validity mean?
  • What are the main distinctions between morality and law?
  • What are the differences between inclusive and exclusive legal positivism?
  • The most significant changes in legal issues over the course of history.

Preparing a research essay on philosophy is an effective studying method that allows you to dive deep into the subject and improve your writing skills. However, at some point you may experience difficulties and wonder: “Can someone do my research paper cheap and fast?” The answer to this question is simple – you should apply to a custom research paper writing service ready to provide professional help in the shortest terms and for reasonable money. Trained writers working for such an online company will resolve any issue – from helping you to choose the best topic and researching it to writing a fully customized work that will impress even the most demanding teacher.

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