Great Topics for Writing a Schizophrenia Research Paper

Schizophrenia is a severe and complex brain disorder; people who suffer this illness interpret the reality abnormally. The results of schizophrenia may include the combination of delusions, hallucination, highly disordered behavior and thinking. Despite a common misconception, schizophrenia isn’t a rare condition. In fact, every individual is at risk of developing this disease at some point of life; most commonly it develops from psychoses. Schizophrenia can happen in any environment, culture, among men, women, and children of all ages; it affects all areas of human functioning, including behavior, thought, perception, and emotion.

Writing a research paper on schizophrenia isn’t an easy task. Often, the most difficult part is choosing the right topic for the essay. In this post, you’ll find helpful tips and the best ideas on writing a research paper on schizophrenia – from general to advanced ones.

schizophrenia research papers

Choosing a Topic for a Research Paper on Schizophrenia

The majority of the students will agree that research papers on schizophrenia are among the most complicated academic works to write. Choosing the right topic for a paper guarantees your future success. Here are a few useful bits of advice on selecting a schizophrenia research paper topic:

  • Choose an essay topic that you’re interested in. There’s nothing worse than writing a long academic work on something that seems boring to you.
  • Consider the amount of information you’ll need. For instance, your teacher may require the essay to be 5 pages long, submitted in PDF. Make sure you can find enough data for a chosen topic before you start writing.
  • Select a back-up topic in case you don’t find enough information on the first choice.
  • If the amount of information feels overwhelming, set the limits. You can narrow the essay topic by population (e.g., schizophrenia in teenagers), by treatments (behavioral schizophrenia treatments), or by outcomes (schizophrenia effects on long-term memory).

If you find the process of writing an essay on schizophrenia difficult, it’s best to choose one of the general topics that are well-researched and lean on plenty of scientific data. These are just a few examples of such basic themes:

  1. Schizophrenia: a mental or a psychological disorder?
  2. Early schizophrenia symptoms and methods of detecting them
  3. The factors that trigger schizophrenia in individuals with the genetic disposition
  4. The effects of medical marijuana on schizophrenia patients
  5. Alcohol and drugs abuse among schizophrenia patients
  6. Difficulties of social functioning for schizophrenia patients
  7. Means of integrating individuals with schizophrenia into society

Highly Relevant Schizophrenia Research Paper Topics

While choosing a topic of your future academic work, you’ll be surprised with the endless research possibilities that the complex disease of schizophrenia opens up. If you aren’t eager to go down the well-trodden path and want to impress your teacher with an original and exciting research topic, you can choose one of these:

  1. Why do individuals with inborn blindness never develop schizophrenia?
  2. The newest types of schizophrenia treatment that are being tried clinically.
  3. The odds of possible schizophrenia development among identical twins.
  4. The impact of various lifestyles and diets on schizophrenia
  5. Correlation between schizophrenia and the effects of caffeine on the human body.
  6. Possible effects of drinking water containing lithium on mental health.
  7. The correlation between schizophrenia and social status of the patients
  8. The effectiveness of psychotherapy in schizophrenia treatment

Best Tips & Hints on Writing a Schizophrenia Research Paper Outline

An outline is an effective tool that will help you to present your essay on schizophrenia. A well-written outline is the first step towards creating the paper’s structure – a brief summary of what you want to say in your work as well as how you’ll do that.

Roughly, any research paper consists of an introduction, main body, and a conclusion. An introduction is the first paragraph which ends with a thesis statement – one-two sentences that reflect the topic, the key idea of the essay, and your comment on it. The main body has several paragraphs, each presented by a heading and including at least two sub-headings. Each heading covers an essay’s subtopic, and subheadings examine it in detail. Your task is to provide enough arguments as well as counterarguments that will reflect the fundamental idea of the research paper. Finally, the conclusion sums up your work and your scientific findings on the topic.

Here are a few quick tips on creating a perfect outline for a research paper on schizophrenia:

  • First, prepare the draft of the essay’s outline. Make sure it’s logical and well-structured.
  • If you’re required to include the outline into the paper, follow the instructions and make sure you stick to the right format.
  • In case the outline doesn’t have to be a part of the essay, you should still write it for your own convenience. You can include extra details and structure it as you like.

Once the outline is written, you can use it as a backbone of your future essay. With thorough research and planning, the following ideas will let you create an excellent piece.

  1. The development of white matter in infants who are at risk for schizophrenia
  2. The damage caused by paranoia in the state of post-psychotic depression
  3. Heterogeneity examination in response to treatment with antipsychotic medications
  4. Sensory impairment and psychotic symptoms in schizophrenia patients
  5. What role does the deficit of tetrahydrobiopterin play in the development of schizophrenia?
  6. Disorders of autism spectrum compared to social cognition alterations in schizophrenia


Topics for an Advanced Schizophrenia Psychology Research Paper

Considered a complex and severe brain disorder, schizophrenia is still being investigated by thousands of scientists worldwide. It gives a broad spectrum of questions to be reflected through scientific research works. The advanced topics below can inspire students for writing outstanding academic works.

  1. Targets of treatable clinical intervention for patients diagnosed with schizophrenia
  2. A meta-analytic review on late potentials of electrophysiology in schizophrenia
  3. Is motor cortical reactivity to action a biomarker which differentiates schizophrenia and mania?
  4. The effect of high-intensity training on overweight individuals with diagnosed psychotic disorders
  5. Neurocognitive endophenotypes in bipolar disorder and schizophrenia
  6. Association between intracellular pathogens and schizophrenia


We hope that you find our suggestions and recommendations on writing schizophrenia research papers helpful. However, if you experience difficulties with writing or choosing a topic, you can always reach out for help. A reliable custom research paper writing service is ready to assist you at any stage of work. One of the trained writers working for such an online company will become your personal research paper helper and will make sure that you perform as good as it is only possible.