Science Topics for Research Paper – Top Ideas for Students

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11 Oct 2019

You may believe that you don’t need perfect writing skills for such subjects as chemistry, biology, physics or other sciences. Sad to say, but you’re wrong. Written assignments are often used in sciences to evaluate your knowledge.

The first difficulty students encounter when they receive such an assignment is which topic to choose. It’s good when the teacher gives the list of possible topics. But if you need to come up with your own ideas, take a look at the good science topics for a research paper below. We've hand-picked issues from various fields of science most suitable for high school students as well as for students of 6th grade and 7th research paper

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Good Science Topics for A Research Paper on Biology

When you select research paper topics science choice is also crucial. A biology paper is one of the most popular writing assignments at school. This is not surprising, because in this science there are so many questions that can be investigated. Take a look at examples of biology research topics:

  1. What are the prerequisites for the development of hereditary diseases?
  2. What rare species of birds are threatened with extinction? What can be done to prevent the extinction of the species?
  3. Biological features of animal migration.
  4. Genetic engineering and its main problems.
  5. Vitamins: types and their role in the human

High School Science Research Paper Topics: Nanotechnology Issues

Nanotechnology! A mysterious word, right? In short, these are technologies for working with matter at the atom level. What do you know about the use of nanotechnology in the modern world? In any case, a science research paper is a reason to learn more!

  1. How do nanotechnologies change our world?
  2. What nanotechnologies are used in modern medicine?
  3. Bionic contact lenses – a revolutionary breakthrough in ophthalmology.
  4. Will nanotechnologies allow people to live in space in future?
  5. Can nanorobots make it possible to connect our biological nervous system to the Internet in a few years?

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Earth Science Research Paper Topics for Middle School

Environmental science provides the most urgent research questions. Indeed, scientific and technological progress, along with the increased anthropogenic pressure on the environment, inevitably led to an aggravation of the ecological situation. The daily growing process of irreversible environmental changes can be stopped only by immediate actions to protect the environment on a global scale.

Perhaps your research paper will help you feel involved in protecting the Earth or even make your fellow students think about these problems. Check out the most interesting science topics concerning environmental issues:

  1. Dangerous natural phenomena in our country and their impact.
  2. The urgency of the problem protecting nature from anthropogenic influence.
  3. What are the consequences of the Chornobyl nuclear disaster and the Fukushima accident?
  4. The Asian brown cloud as a phenomenon of atmospheric pollution.
  5. Causes of acid rain and ozone holes and their effects on the biosphere.

Research Paper Topics for Science of Chemistry

Chemistry is perhaps one of the most challenging subjects to study. At the same time, this is one of the most important disciplines. Almost all spheres of human activity are associated with the use of chemistry. It deals with the use of natural materials, the recycling of by-products and industrial wastes, development of new efficient methods of producing various substances, etc.

As you can see, there are many chemical issues that you can investigate in your research paper. Here are some good ideas:

  1. Water is a universal solvent. The role of water in the process of life.
  2. Chemistry and space: what is the connection?
  3. The value of natural radioactivity in the life of plants and animals.
  4. The role of inorganic chemistry as a science in the development of agriculture.
  5. Fats as a food product and chemical raw materials.

There are two things that you should be guided by when choosing a topic. Firstly, it’s better for you to understand the issue you’re going to write about. And secondly, this issue should be interesting to you. Even if you’re not well versed but are very interested in the topic, it should be quite easy you’ll write a good paper.

Planning to use the research paper writing service? In some situations, it can be the only effective way to get the job done. Just make sure that you buy research papers from a reliable and trusted company.

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