Social Research Paper Examples of Topics to Any Taste

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12 Nov 2019

Choosing the right sociological subject, question, pattern, problem or phenomenon to research is a crucial part of work that requires time and consideration. Otherwise, you may end up submitting poorly written or uncompleted content overnight. To help you out, we have provided an ultimate list of ideas for your social research papers. We have divided them into several categories for your convenience. Pick up wisely and write enthusiastically!social research paper topics

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General Social Studies Research Paper Topics

Given their interdisciplinary character, social studies topics can be assigned to write on within a number of university or college courses. If you are wondering how to write a social studies fair research paper, we would say, the most daunting and essential part it to choose the right topic. Luckily, we have prepared a few for you to start with:

  1. What are the benefits of gaining post-secondary education?
  2. Why absolute justice is impossible?
  3. What is the relation between empires and cultural assimilation?
  4. The social dimension of the 2008 financial crisis
  5. What role does censorship play in advertising?

Ideas for Social Anxiety Research Paper

It’s been estimated that 7% of adults in America have experienced social anxiety over the last year and more than 12% will do that at some point in their lives. Today it’s one of the most common mental illnesses that affect children as well as adults and can easily become the subject of your strong social anxiety disorder research paper or thesis. Here are some of the topics to think over

  1. Social anxiety disorders in children and adolescents.
  2. Does social isolation affect physical and mental health?
  3. Phenomenology of social anxiety and social phobia.
  4. Frequent tests as one of the ways to overcome anxiety and procrastination.
  5. How social anxiety disorder affects our life?

Important Corporate Social Responsibility Research Paper Topics

Nowadays, CSR is becoming a more and more popular business practice that has a positive economic, social and environmental impact. Employees and customers opt for working for and spending money with companies that place premium on social change. Companies, in turn, make their CSR reports public (mostly, in the form of Word or pdf press-releases), which can become a sound basis for your research. Below are some of the topics to consider:

  1. Can one business make a difference to global problems?
  2. The emerging trend of social entrepreneurship in India.
  3. How can the impact of CSR policies be measured?
  4. Is there any link between CSR and job satisfaction?
  5. Dynamics of CSR policies in Asia: China, Japan, India

Meaningful Social Work Research Paper Topics

Social work is primarily focused on the practical application; therefore, the main idea for a compelling social work research proposal is understanding the efficiency of various ideas, methods, and instruments aimed at alleviating the conditions of people who suffer from social deprivation. Here are 5 practical topics for a working outline:

  1. Categories of people that are most vulnerable to drug abuse.
  2. Ways of developing resilience in a social worker research paper
  3. What are the prerequisites of a functional family and a safe childhood?
  4. Different concepts of social services.
  5. Issues and challenges that arise in families with adopted children.

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Social Justice Research Paper Topics

The outline of your research paper should emphasize social justice is a key issue in every society across the globe. Consider such concerns as human rights, education, socio-economic problems, social programs and policies and the intricate correlations thereof. Think of carrying out a social experiment. It’s an excellent way to showcase you understand the attitudes, norms, and values of our society and can speak well on social inequality topics. In case you are stuck on selecting a theme, below are some of the options to try:

  1. Can ageism be regarded as new racism?
  2. Does capital punishment have an influence on social justice?
  3. Social justice as an intangible goal of the communist manifesto.
  4. How is modern society dealing with poverty?
  5. Gender and fat discrimination in the workplace.

Original Ideas for a Social Networking Research Paper

College and university professors can no longer avoid the charm of social media and assign students to produce a social networks research paper. Besides, students are most likely to choose this category if they are asked to write on whatever they want. Given such popularity of social media, we have gathered topics for effects of social networking research paper:

  1. How does social learning theory work?
  2. Effects of social networking sites to students research paper
  3. Impact of social networking sites on youth: case study Instagram
  4. Meaning, symptoms, and effects of social media addiction
  5. How social networking affects business development?

Argumentative Topics for Social Security Research Paper

Generally, social security is referred to as the program using public funds to ensure economic security for the public. The social security reform appears in the media field quite often, so you are likely to receive this theme for research paper from your professor or tutor. Here are a few relevant issues to discuss:

  1. What is the future of social security?
  2. Comparative analysis of social security systems in the US, Canada, and the EU.
  3. Disenfranchisement of the social security program in the US.
  4. What is the essence of the social security crisis?
  5. What issues is the social security system aimed to solve?

Social psychology and other aspects of social studies are an infinite source of riveting topics to study and write about. However, if you feel exhausted from your writing, there would be nothing wrong if you buy research papers as a reference for your future work. As arguably the best research paper writing service, we do understand how unsettling college life is and are ready to give you a helping hand on your way to academic success.

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