A list of excellent world history research paper topics that your teacher will like

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18 Nov 2019

Many high school and college students find the research papers on history challenging and less interesting than the assignments on other subjects. This happens because preparing a solid, A-worthy work requires spending a lot of time on brainstorming for the best idea and then performing thorough research for accurate information in reliable sources. However, the fact which many students don’t consider is that choosing an exciting and offbeat topic will make the process of researching for it and composing the essay much more exciting and pleasant.world history research paper

World history can be rightfully called a diverse and broad area of research because it covers a significant time frame: from the rise of early civilizations of the ancient world to the greatest turmoils of the 20th century with terrible wars and development of various social movements. That’s why one can find many great topics on world history to research in their paper.

Further, we give recommendations on where to look for good ideas for a world history essay and provide a list of inspiring topics.

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Where to Look for Great World History Research Paper Ideas?

To a significant extent, the success of your world history paper depends on the topic you choose. If you don’t know where to start, firstly, you need to define the general direction of your future research (i.e., social structures, economic systems, development of cultures). Then, you should specify the location and timeframe (i.e., Roman Empire, Ottoman Empire, WWI or WWII, First Industrial Revolution, women’s rights movement in the 20th century, etc.). Next, you should narrow down your choice to a particular event that had a significant influence on the life of people in the long run (i.e., signing Armistice and the end of WWI).

You can draw inspiration from scientific publications such as scholar magazines, journals, reference books, etc. Besides, research paper topics world history online databases can offer some great ideas.

Once you chose an interesting world history event, it’s essential to conduct background research on it in order to ensure that you have enough accurate information to support the main points of your piece. Make sure to choose at least two alternative topics as a back-up.

Make detailed notes while researching and start the writing process by creating an outline. Unless required otherwise, opt for the standard structure of a student research paper (introduction with a thesis statement, body part with 3-5 paragraphs, conclusion, and bibliography). Revise, format and proofread your paper before submitting it.


Interesting World History Topics for Research Paper

These great topics on world history will be interesting to research and to write about.

  • Distribution of responsibilities in the Iron Age
  • The topics of death and immortality in the art of Ancient Egypt
  • The biggest crusades initiated by European countries and their motifs
  • The distribution of forces during the French Revolution
  • The economic causes of WWII
  • The after-effects of the Cold War

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Good World History Research Paper Topics to Impress Your Audience

We are sure that the following world history topic ideas will get the approval of the most demanding teachers.

  • The role of slavery and most significant slave rebellions in the history of Jamaica
  • The evolving role and influence of NATO on European security in the 21st century
  • The input of Gandhi in establishing peace across the world in the 20th century
  • The impact of Apartheid on the life of the non-white population of South Africa
  • Which progress was achieved in the sphere of women’s rights over the 20th century?
  • The biggest pandemic diseases and their consequences in world history


Advanced Topics for World History Research Papers

Although these topics might require some extra time to research and plan the paper, with the due effort they will definitely get you the highest grade.

  • Which role was the Catholic Church playing in the social and cultural life of medieval European countries?
  • The aftermaths of the nuclear weapon invention and its influence on the world military power
  • Which factors helped William the Conqueror become the king of England?
  • The key cause-and-effect connections between WWI and WWII
  • Which steps could have prevented World War II from happening?
  • What was the influence of the Industrial Age on the Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx?

No matter how thoroughly you plan your paper and how interesting is the topic that you choose for it, sometimes things don’t work out as you expect them to. If you cannot find enough information from relevant sources, are confused with your teacher’s requirements or risk blowing the deadline, you might want to consider addressing a professional research paper writing service. Trained writers who work at WePapers will help you at any stage of preparing your essay – from choosing a good topic to writing and editing/formatting the whole work. Although you’ll have to pay for research paper, making the top grade and feeling no stress is definitely worth it.

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