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The major function of a Heating, Ventilation, and Air- Conditioning (HVAC) system is to assist control and manage good interior air quality by ensuring that there is enough ventilation with filtration and offer comfortable room temperatures. Always there is a need to ensure safety measures are put in place and the people involved in the day to day operations are made aware of these measures. The operators of HVAC systems are often exposed to many hazards that could have a negative impact to their health. This paper therefore focuses on the health hazards exposed to such individuals as HVAC/ R technician in his day to day operation in relation HVAC system. The paper will focus on detailed analysis of the tasks one is involved into touching on the hazard, its cause and safety precautions that are supposed to e undertaken to avoid such hazards.

Chainsaw, Gasoline Powered

The technician is usually exposed to such danger breathing in dust produced during machine operation. This is dangerous as it may cause lung infections. To avoid such problems, the technician should be offered with such protective tools as disposable oxygen masks or ensuring that working area is well ventilated. Other hazards include eye, head and on hands caused by moving debris, sharp objects, rotating parts and projectiles. To avoid such problems, always be alert and put on boots and gloves. Fire is also a hazard caused by sparks. Always put away flammables and combustibles.

Hazards Analysis: ATV 4-wheelers

The tasks that a technician is involved at the point include routine maintenance and restoration or carrying out routine operations. During this time, the workers are usually exposed to such hazards as hand injury resulting from limited work areas and sharp edges or even revolving parts of the equipments. Next hazard is foot injury caused by falling materials or even equipment rolling over his foot. Such hazards as muscle strain are often witnessed at this point as result of poor working condition and particularly staying in an awkward position while working. Others include eye injury and head injury resulting from projectile materials and falls from a 4-wheeler or as a result of an accident. Trauma is also often experienced due to rotating machine parts.
The preventive precaution at this point to avoid hand injury includes use of gloves or always being aware of the danger one is exposed to while working. On the other hand, to avoid any foot injury workers should always put on their safety boots. To avoid trauma, it is good to always be aware of the different circumstances and also be always be in appropriate attire. Working environment should always be conducive to work in so as to avoid muscle strains and working in awkward positions. Taking breaks is also appropriate measure to avoid a lot of straining. As stated earlier, during the machines operation there is a need to use hearing protection to reduce the impact of noise. To eradicate head injury accident, it is always good to put on helmet. From this it is evident that personal protection equipment needed include helmet, safety glasses, and gloves, hear muffs and safety boots (National Center for Construction Education & Research, 59).

Hazard Analysis: Battery Charger

At this point the task involved is general use. Some of the hazards that people workers who operate HVAC systems are exposed while handling a battery include foot injury resulting from objects falling. Next hazard include traumas resulting from spill of battery acids and even eye injury as a result of splash by acid. Another frequent hazard associated to battery handling is electrical shock resulting from poor handling of the battery or poor condition of the battery. Other hazards linked to battery handling include fire and explosion caused by glows, sparks, poor storage of flammables and combustibles, poor ventilations, workers smoking and unacceptable measures (Friend, Mark, and James, Kohn, 52).
Therefore, to deal with these hazards the best precautionary measures will include putting on safety clothing such as boots to avoid foot injury. Next is the use of goggles, apron, gloves and following manuals on the proper handling of procedure of a battery so as to avoid burns and eye injuries. To avoid electrical shocks it is also essential to adhere to proper handling procedure of handling a battery as stated by the manufacturer in the manual. Last but not least so as to avoid fire and explosion such precautionary measures to focus on include ensuring that there are fire extinguishers properly placed in accessible regions, make proper storage of flammables and combustibles from machine area. Additionally, to eradicate explosions, there is a need to ensure that there is enough ventilation in the machine room, make sure no smoking signs are well placed within the building to restrict and make people aware and lastly adhering to manufacturer’s manual (Friend, Mark, and James, Kohn, 96). At this point it is evident that personal precaution equipment required include but not limited to apron, gloves, safety shoes and goggles.

Hazard Analysis: Bench Grinder

This is usually carried out for general use. The person handling this kind of machine is usually exposed to such hazards as inhalation of dust particles produced in the machine operations. Next is eye injury, head injury and trauma as a result of moving particles with the machine room. Often individuals handing grinder machine receive injuries on their legs due to fall of objects or even hand injury resulting from impacts, compression or being pierced by objects. Next hazards that people are exposed to include fire resulting from heat and sparks and lastly electric shocks caused by poor grounding and poor machine handling and maintenance.

Hazard Analysis: Air Compressor, Portable Electric

Activities at this point involve daily maintenance or repair and lastly routine operations. One is usually exposed to such hazards as electric shocks. This is usually caused by the poor operations and maintenance activities. Individuals are also often exposed to a lot of sounds causing ear irritation while operating the equipments. The next hazard experienced by a Building Maintenance Worker is trauma caused by unacceptable or poor control compressed air discharge. Other hazards include eye injuries caused by projectile or moving particles. The necessary action to prevent these kind of hazards taking place include; first so as to avoid electric shocks, it is important to unplug electricity from the socket and retain it while carrying the maintenance and repair of the machines. Next is that while carrying out the day activities using machines that vibrate and produce a lot of noise, the best precaution to take is use hearing protective. To avoid such problem as trauma, the workers should make use of the best nozzle for each work and also each of the employees should carryout situational awareness. Last but not least precaution to be taken involves protection against eye injury through the use of goggles of safety glasses. Therefore, at this point the personal precaution equipment that an individual should include goggles or safety glasses fitted with guards and ear muffs to prevent noise.
In conclusion, as an HVAC technical it is always important to be aware of hazard associated to any of the machines one uses or the environment in which one is working in. From the above analysis, one should always put on personal protective equipment and always be alert to avoid injuries or even deaths.

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