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One often pays more attention to the pollution on the roads and assume that there is nothing wrong with the indoor air quality in their homes. However, there are plenty of sources of pollutions that lie within the house and can lower the quality of air. Use of carpets in the house is considered to be necessary as they not only add to the aesthetic of the room, but also lend a feeling of comfort. Thy feels nice and cozy under your feet. However, one should also keep in mind the modern fibers are made of synthetic fibers that can trap dust and dander. Most of the carpets that are used in the commercial and residential areas carry a synthetic pile made of nylon and is tufted through the backing and is coated with a water-based adhesive so as to promote longevity. There are other chemicals that are used in the making of the carpets that undergo chemical procedures such as dyeing, and further treatments for preventing stains and soil. Thus, when a carpet gets installed for the first time, it releases volatile organic compounds in the air. Exposure to these compounds can cause sensory and mucosal irritation and add to other health risks.
Gradually, the carpet fibers keep collecting dust, particle pollution, dust mites, mold spores dust and dirt. Any toxins in the air can stick to those minute particles that gradually start settling into carpets. These pollutants can float in the air when disturbed because of even daily activities like walking on the carpet or vacuuming. At home, children are likely to get most exposed to pollution due to the carpets as they like to spend time on the floor, on the carpets and rolling around. The risk of the pollutions increases if the area that is covered by the carpets is larger. It may get very difficult to keep the indoor air completely free of those air pollutants and allergens. Instead of carpets, one can place easy to remove rugs that can be regularly and easily cleaned. It will help to keep the entry of kitchens and bathrooms carpet free as they are frequently damp and thus can encourage the growth of mold. One can damp mop the floors to get rid of the harmful dust.

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