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Chemical war refers to use of toxic properties of chemical substances as weapons. This war method I very effective as it may kill many people within a long range with involvement of few specialists. However, chemical war can be counterproductive if the enemies to whom the chemicals are directed to use proper protective equipment, training and decontamination measures. The problem is that to have such protection is very difficult hence, this makes chemical war very effective.
According to my opinion, I feel that chemical war is better than the other war types. I stand to defend this opinion through various points that I feel they make chemical war more effective. First, chemical war is very inexpensive in that it uses few specialists who spread the chemicals to the targeted enemies. Little human resource is used in to fight the war since the main weapon is toxic chemicals. This is as compared to an arm battalion going all the way to fight enemies. Such an army will require many machines in order to execute the war. For instance, the army will need to have enough vehicles, guns, and explosives among many other resources that are costly. A chemical war may not require the specialists to move nearer to the enemies as it can work in long-range and act effectively.
In addition, chemical war is very efficient to the people using it as it is able to kill all the targeted enemies with few damages to the users. For instance, the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan carried by the United States killed more than 129,000 people. Only few Americans were involved in the bombings but the nuclear chemicals had far-reaching effects in Japan. This is unlike using a full battalion army that may even die before executing the war or many of the soldiers may die during the war an outstanding example is the deaths that occurred during the world war.
Furthermore, the use of chemical wars may play a great role in reducing the increasing wars in the world. Ideally, this is because chemical war has very reaching effects to the side of the enemies to whom the toxic chemicals are used against. As a result, the use of toxics chemicals instils a lot of fear to the side of the enemies hence prevents them from entering into another war with such a country that uses chemical war. In so doing, it makes countries not to enter in to such wars in order to avoid the harmful effects of the chemical used. An outstanding example is Japan that after the bombings reduced instances of wars and focused on nation development. This has helped the country to improve greatly economically to become one of the developed nations of the world (Brophy & Fisher 334).
On the other hand, chemical war is very dangerous as its effects may remain in the area where there were applied for so long. This is because they lead to contamination of the land and the entire environment at large. This is because they release gases that may result to acidic rain that further affects metal and stone buildings. In addition, such gases may affect the breathing systems of both animals and human beings thus increasing deaths and illnesses. Since the advantages outweigh the disadvantages, I strongly hold that chemical war is good compared to use of a battalion of armed army to fight a way.

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