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Relationship between Social Class and Education

There is an increasing population in many regions of the world today. This increase comes with an increased diversification in the major sectors of the world including the political, social, and economic sectors. This diversification in these sectors contributes to the rapid development of social classes in these regions. The social classes are the various groupings in the societies with which particular individuals identify themselves. On the other hand, the increasing globalization and challenges in various political, social and economic segments have promoted the increase in the levels of education in various regions around the globe. For this reason, there is a distinct connection between the social class and education in these societies in the sense that they all encompass political, economic, and social issues (Sonne-Holm & Sørensen, 2006).
This topic is important in the field of sociology because it provides an understanding of the interrelationship between the social classes in the societies and the education in these societies. Understanding this relationship is essential in the sense that it provides an overview of the role of sociological aspects in the solving of the various problems facing social institutions across the globe. The social class is concerned with the groupings of individuals in the society. These groups suggest the unity of the people in the society. Each of these groups are has its role in the development of the society. For this reason, education comes in. education seeks to provide individuals with the required knowledge and skills of handling various issues in the society.

Social Class and Education

The paper will discuss the existent relationship between the society, education, and social class. The paper will seek to relate the social class and education from the Marxist perspective. Fist, the paper will discuss the social class and the various avenues of measuring it. Second, it will provide some of the key concepts of the Marxist social view of class analysis. Third, the paper will relate these concepts to the education in the societies with relation to a variety of scholarly studies on the same topic (Wohlfarth, 2000). Social class is an identity of individuals in terms of elements such as height, sexuality, religion, and age among others. Nevertheless, social class can also be deemed as having specific significance in the society. The social class is recognized as the reflection as well s the causing of key cultural, social, and economic difference in, for instance, lifestyle, education, and income. Social class, therefore, is a representation of the elemental sectors in the society and the individuals that facilitate the development of these sectors.
The combination of education and social class is influenced by the Marxist theory and viewpoint of the social class on education with respect to schooling. Curriculum is an elemental viewpoint of the theory and viewpoint. According to this theory of social class, the state and the situation of the social classes influences the curriculum and schooling of the education system in that given society (Wohlfarth & Brink, 2009). That is, for a capitalist society, which is likely to have most of the social classes founded on the issues and concepts of capitalism, the education curriculum is also likely to have capitalist approaches. As such, the social classes have the greater power in the influence of activities or sectors such as education in the system.


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