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Close Encounter 1

Postmodernism is the result of negation. At the time, modernism rejected the classical, academic art and turned to new art forms. However, after a number of years he has become a classic, which has led to the denial of the traditions of modernism and the emergence of a new stage of artistic development in the form of postmodernism, which proclaimed a return to before modernistic forms and styles to a new level. The rise of the postmodern held in 60-70 years of the twentieth century is connected and flows logically from the processes of the modern era as a response to the crisis of its ideas, as well as the so-called death superbases: God (Nietzsche), author (Bart), human (humanitarian). Formed in the era of dominance of information and communication technologies, theoretical knowledge, a wide choice for each individual, postmodernism bears the stamp of pluralism and tolerance, in the artistic manifestation poured out in eclecticism. As a lot of critiques think- artists of postmodernism try to create their works somehow that their copy via digital device will still influence the viewer. I chose a work by Paul Salvator Goldengreen called “The Painter Prince”. It is a bright paining you cannot just pass through. The author tried to show the fantastic magnificence of the soul that appeared with the 3rd millennium. Paul discovers a new, highly poetic art, which introduces a world of intense colours and deeper symbols. He shows the recipient a way into his owns human inner world and a clear view for completely new perspectives on the representation of brand new and free associated symbols that due to the colours wealth look even deeper. He finds a way into the existence and enables himself and the viewer to live now, live in the everyday things or options that were not accessible before. Art acts on the existence back; it can be expanded, to the engine for a development of the soul's experience. That is the message, the message of Paul Salvator Gold Gruen.Being the artists and the poet, Paul tries to show the balance that he develops in himself. As the author mentioned in one of the interviews, “The artist in me is always equal to the poet at his side, the intuition that grace. For Those I Loved, light, beauty and success is often enforced by a deep sense of sorrow. Misfortune and perceived inadequacy are then usually still paired with hope and the pursuit of salvation. Joy and gladness form a counterpoint to grief. Often it is the colour that makes negative feelings bearable counters.” He believes in the equality of good and bad that should be balanced in both art and life. Development is a major issue of his art. Deliberately, he remains unspoiled in many aspects of his approach. The more complex remains the interpretation the more interesting a piece of art may appear. All in all, this piece of art has feature that are common for postmodernism. Artist uses allegorical language of classical, symbolism of ancient cultures and civilizations, primitive, to do this based on their own mythology, correlating with personal memories of the author. Usually works of postmodernists represent playing space, to which the free movement of ideas is their imposition, overflow, an association. It takes the path of free borrowing from the systems that have already existed and the existing art, postmodernism equalizes their rights, the importance and urgency of creating a single global cultural space that covers the entire history of the spiritual development of mankind.

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