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As global affairs major, one studies with international experts and learn about global politics, economics, culture, and international development. For the said purpose of this paper, discussion is going to be made on the global politics with respect to the construction and destruction of the Berlin wall. The paper will cover the aspects that how global politics had leaded towards the decision for the construction of this wall, then how this solution created new problems for the people of Germany and then it will put light on the facts that when the wall was destructed how it affected the global environment.
The construction of the Berlin Wall was made after World War II in an attempt to prevent the evacuation of not only economic but also labor output linked to the everyday movement of plenty of apt workers and professionals between West Berlin and East Germany. In addition to it, the construction was made to overcome economic and political results for Communist bloc. It was so necessary at the end of World War II since a race had been started between USSR and USA as it was geographically located in a place which was quite interesting for military bases. The construction of wall successfully lessened evacuation from two and a half million in 1949-1962 to five thousand in 1962-1989.
The construction of Berlin Wall widely recognized as the icon of the Cold War was primarily commenced on 13th of August, 1961 and took a part in the weeks subsequent to 9th November, 1989. The wall was deemed as the most outstanding element of German Democratic Republic’s border system. The wall was pictured by the East German management of Walter Ulbricht with its approval taken from Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev. It acts as an extensive partial barrier between East Germany and West Berlin, closing the borders for about twenty years.
On the other hand, the Berlin Wall was misinformation catastrophe for the communist bloc as well as in East Germany. It was an iconic figure for Western powers considered as Communist despotism especially after the prestigious execution of impending defectors. At the end of 1980, the restrictions on the border were unperturbed in East Germany when the Soviet Union was declined coupled with the liberation of politics ended up on massive protests, thus collapsing the East German government. Afterwards, the wall was shattered by ecstatic public after a few weeks and it brought primary step on the way to reunification of Germany. Characteristically, the destruction of the wall was symbolized as the fall down of Communism in the region of East Europe. Resultantly, in 1991, the collapse of the Soviet Union took place and in the early 1990s, each communist regime had been dissolved other than Cuba, China, and North Korea.
The building of the Berlin Wall was expressed as a demoralizing blow by the majority of the Germans. The wall was deemed as final proof of the brutal act since the reunification became an impracticable dream. Although the transformed dangers of quarrel had put forward in the building of the Wall had been certain yet, it allowed to run a brief riot for East-West confrontation, as observed from a global point of view not inevitably the devastation that it primary materialized. The powers in West were agreed on their verdict in proclaiming their awfulness at the Berlin Wall and in the favor for the right of public noises. They declared that the construction of the wall wouldn't do anything in order to distress the West Germans.
The seizure of East Germany after the destruction of wall immensely improved the economy, assisted in providing several million trained engineers and apt workers without any cost. On the economic crisis revival, the political and capitalist elite were in a stronger position to lead economy towards recovery phase and to entail the complete lumber on the functioning and middle class of Ireland and South Europe.
The ruling class of Germany had compiled austerity programs for Ireland, Spain, Italy, Portugal and Greece, thus ensuring the recovery of loans from creditors with interest. In this way, the unemployment rate was spiraled, strengthening the muscles of economy and extending the dominance over Europe. Thus, unified economy of Germany had led to the revival of military and political aims to employ and affirm its existence in the US led colonial wars in the Ukraine, North Africa, South Asia, and the Middle East.
If on a broader spectrum, the political consequences of the fall of Berlin wall are observed along with the successive annexation towards the East, then the evident proof for the power of reunited Germany can be seen. It had put forward a negative blow on Southern European economies, concentrating on the dictatorship with powers lying towards Germany.
After the World War II, the great fall of Germany, the construction of the great wall of Berlin, its destruction and then the economic revival took about a half of century to pull together all the pieces again. But after that, Germany looks for projecting the world power, especially by means of its proxies in NATO and Europe with the alliance of US imperialism.
The above stated facts put forward a thought that if the destruction of the wall leads towards propensity to the economy, then the decision to make wall as a solution to the problem was worthy? The need of the Berlin wall was, however, the necessity of that time since it was the fight of prestige and power between USSR and USA but creation of wall arose more barriers than ease to the public since families were separated as the Germans were made prisoners. Berlin wall became the physical barrier towards growth and development of the economy and was not proven to be an effective solution of the problem.

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