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Database Administrator

Database Administrator
Database administrator handles all the tasks related to the database, test databases, make important modifications and correct errors in case there is a bug. The administrator also modifies the current database, coordinate, plan and implements all the security measures in order to safeguard all the records in the database from unauthorized access or damage. He also writes codes both logical and operational codes for physical and logical database development. He also has to train users and specify user access levels according to the segments of the database and specified user functions (Winton et al., 2012). The starting salary ranges from 1200 to 2000 dollars per month depending on one’s experience.
Discrete Mathematics can be applied during coding when allocation users their access rights and functions from the database. For example, discrete mathematics such as algebra, statistics and geometry is used to calculate the number of employees that can be allocated server space concurrently to perform certain tasks without chocking the system; it also helps the administrator to eliminate database redundancy during the design process (Winton et al., 2012). The results obtained provide logical functions and physical measures that each user is supposed to be allocated and the intended output. General understanding of logic and algebra is a must for database administrators. Algorithm efficiency is also necessary for coding purposes.
When undertaking relational databases design, mathematics and logic plays an important aspect in building blocks meant for database queries. SQL codes are structured in a way that they can be used to relate database tables using primary and secondary keys. For example the code below shows how discrete mathematics has been used in coding by a database administrator in order to carry a function (Sommeville, 2011). I am qualified for this job because from the code illustrated below, I used my knowledge in discrete mathematics especially algebra and algorithm. The figure 1.0.1 illustrates logic and algebra application for coding.
Figure 1.0.1 Using knowledge in Algebra and Algorithm in coding

Discrete Mathematics Sample problem

1.0 Assume the symbolically expressed letters are as follows:

Convert these statements into implications using contrapositives as well? Note: H is false.

Solution: In the above statement, the logic behind the problem can be used in coding using SQL statements to query databases and tables. The below solution can give a glimpse of what is required to solve the logic behind the above problem even in SQL. The solution is that if H is false, K will be true, V is true, R is false and A is false. Considering the logic implications from the above solution, coding takes the form of the above statement and gives similar results in areas where IF statements are used with a variable and integer representing functions within the statement (Sommeville, 2011). The problem was leading us to a true false scenario where the logic can be referred to as either yes or no, one or zero and true or false. These statements are very important in the design where algebras and algorithms are used in implementing the same.
Some programmers may prefer using “either” “or” in coding while others may use “if” “else” depending on their reference points towards the variables stated at the beginning of the statement or the integers introduced as described in the figure 1.0.1 above. Names or places or objects are used in relation to the statements introduced at the beginning of the programming code depending on the objective of the programmer.
2.0 Consider two cases where r is true signified by:

Meaning if r is false then the preposition is false, when r is false, what is the preposition?

Solution: There must be a truth table used in determining the preposition as shown below:
Sometimes it’s difficult to know where the problem is when dealing with several tables in a database related to each other. Common codes can be used in trouble shooting to find such issues within the database (Rosen, 2003). There are long expressions used in coding that could be easily shortened in order to achieve similar results without spending much time troubleshooting to get the issue related to the tables. It sometimes take the wit of the administrator to quickly solve problems but it can also take a long time to solve the same problem that could be easily resolved faster using correlated codes or expressions in java and SQL (Rosen, 2003).
3.0 Consider an expression that A B and B A. A refers to a Knave while B refers to a Knight. Is it true to say that A is a Knight?
Solution: If A is a Knight, then the statement implies that both B and A are Knights and that is very correct. But this is very impossible because both of them cannot be Knights at the same time. Therefore, one is a Knight and another is a Knave. B is asserting that otherwise that A is actually a Knave making the statement to be true as it is supposed to be. Consequently, the conclusion is that B is a Knight and A is a Knave.
As an Admin, At times applying same codes may give two different outputs that are not similar at all. When an admins executes a command or writes a code to execute bring two outputs that were not supposed to be brought forth. The admin must resubmit the codes and alter the same. Take the outputs and replace with the inputs and see if they give the reverse of the input. This commonly happens when the tables are related to others with similar data and only different secondary keys (David, 2003).
The admin cannot take both outputs for example invoice number is the input while the output gives two different invoice_ids showing uncommon attributes. The admin therefore needs to query the codes and replace the invoice number with invoice_id one by one until it gives the correct invoice number. Arithmetic application on SQL or java is critical and necessary for programming and querying the databases as a database administrator (David, 2003). It is not true to say that discrete mathematics is not applicable in the management of databases with relational tables and views.

Reflection / Summary

Discrete mathematics introduces statistics, algebra, algorithms and arithmetic that are applied in many areas in the world today (David, 2003). Computer science related fields often use discrete mathematics in solving problems. Linear algebra using software is directly applied when designing and implementing logical systems that are used in improving the techniques of modern technology (May et al., 2013). Functions, sets, mathematical reasoning, graphs, matrices and determinants are applied in all professions including business. Employers prefers those who perform very well in mathematics in order to provide mathematical reasoning at times where the company is at a cross road.
The Military uses discrete mathematics in estimation, coming up with hypothesis and drafting geographical areas where the enemy is hiding. All these require mathematical reasoning and logic to achieve (May et al., 2013). Planners often use logic in testing and actualizing their estimations on paper first before implementing the same on ground. Linear correlation and hypothesis are used by governments in estimating the growth in population across the world for planning and budget purposes. Mathematics has led to introduction of mobile apps and online marketing that most companies are currently adopting (May et al., 2013). Without mathematics, all these could not be achieved no matter how many trials are performed. The field of engineering, science and research use graphs to present the actual plans or designs to be actualized on book for proper planning and budgeting (May et al., 2013). Using estimations, the constructors can easily know the value of a house before it is actually constructed through estimations.


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