Employer Requirements For Prospective Accounting Employees Report Samples

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The employer requires certain skills from the employee without which the potential employee is not likely to get the job sought. The employee must possess the requisite job skills, team work abilities, the ability to change to the changing work environment and appropriate communication skills. A potential employee will be assessed based on these skills which are essential in the performance of accountancy work.


Employers require employees who can meet the job demand. It, therefore, follows that employers would require potential accountant employees to posses certain specific skills that would enable them performance. An accountant is under a duty to ensure that the business of the employer increases production, records are kept correctly and that taxes are paid correctly. These skills needed to perform these duties will be required by any employer from the potential employees. The employee must ensure that they acquire the necessary skills so that they can be successful in the job market. It is true that some skills may be acquired on the job but there are essential skills that prospective accounts must possess. However, sometimes the employers look at other things from the employee rather than just the ability to perform accounting work. The skills required of an employee depend on the type of accountancy. For example, an employer would need different skills from a management accountant or forensic accountant.

Employer Requirements

There are specific requirements that are required by employers which the employees must possess. The employers need employees with job skills. This is the most important requirement that is needed by the employees. An employee must first have the requisite skills to do the job. An accountant must possess the necessary accounting skills. This is a primary requirement of any employee. Skills to get the job done are needed by each employer. The skills must meet the job requirements. Once the skills possessed do not answer to the job requirements, the employer is not likely to offer an opportunity to the prospective employer.
The accountant as professional does not just need to know the numbers and the regulations, laws and the rules relating to matters of taxations. The accountant should be able to communicate effectively. This is a requirement for all professionals. The accountants should be able to communicate both in writing and orally (Carr, 2014). The employer, therefore, requires not only an employer who can meet the demands of the job for which he is recruited but can also communicate effectively. Ideas however good are useless if they cannot be communicated in a clear and effective manner. Proper writing skills are necessary for any accountant. Proper communication is necessary in any field.
The accountant in many occasions need to present audit reports. This requires effective communication skills. An accountant who cannot effectively communicate may, therefore, not perform the important duty of tabling reports.
The employers also look employees who can easily adapt to change in the field of accounting. The field of accounting experience many changes. The employer needs a person who can change if the thing of doing change changes (Miller & Hindi, 2009, p. 5). There have been issues of fraud in the field of accounting. Many irregularities have also been alleged in the field of accounting. These claims have led to changes in the field with more accountability required. The ever changing nature of the job requires versatility. The employer would try to determine potential of the employee in this front at the interview stage. The working environment changes frequently and, therefore, the employee should be able to be dynamic enough. Being dynamic would ensure that the employees are able to able to perform their work even with changing working environment which is frequent in the accounting profession.
The capability of the employee to work in teams is one of the things required from the potential employees. An organization or a business can increase production if the accountants can work in a team (Miller & Hindi, 2009, p. 5). The accountant needs to work with many other employers in the organizations. This will necessitate the possession of team work skills. The ability to work in teams is strength for any organization. This means that employer will not be ready to hire an accountant lacking in team work skills. Some people are only capable to work as individuals. However, for the accountant to effectively perform their role, they must have the ability to work others. The job of the accountant does not stand alone. This means that employee needs to work with team members in the organization to ensure success for the organization. Team work within the organization is an essential professional skill that is required of any employee. The employees need to acquire team work skills in order to ensure proper work performance.
The employers also look for interpersonal skills. To be an effective professional, the accountant should posses the appropriate interpersonal skills (Wells, 2009, P.16). Effective relationships in the office contribute to the proper performance of an organization. If an employee has poor interpersonal skills, the performance in the organization is likely to be affected. Since the accountant works with many other employees, good interpersonal skills are essential requirements


There are many skills that employers look for in employees in the accounting field. The failure to posses these skills affect the potential of the employees to get employment. Job skills, team work skills and the ability to communicate effectively are key elements required of the employee.
Communication skills are important for any professional including accountants. Employees need accountants who can communicate. An accountant must, therefore, have the appropriate communication skills that are necessary in the performance of accountancy duties.

An accountant seeking employment needs to ensure that they have the requisite skills required by employees.

Based on the findings an accountant needs to take various steps in order to be viable in the job market. An accountant must go beyond the necessary skills that are ordinarily required of the employee.
An account should develop team building skills. The capability to work in teams is essential. An Accountant should, therefore, engage in activities that develop team building activities. Community activities that can help in developing essential skills should be done by accountants to ensure that they develop this skill that is looked for by employers.
Accountants should sharpen their communication skills which are needed to be successful as an accountant. An accountant should be trained in communications skills. The accountants lacking in effective communication skills should acquire the skills before seeking jobs, appropriate writing and oral skills are necessary for any accountant.
The accountants need to develop interpersonal skills. An accountant works with any other people. Appropriate interpersonal skills leads to better working relationship in the working environment. Poor interpersonal skills affect the performance of an organization.


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