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Published: 2020/12/31

Security strategies and policies have been put in place to help in improving the security of the American borders since the 9/11 incident. The security measures more especially target illegal immigrants and terrorists who want to enter the United States of America (Ackleson, 2005). Consequently, the security policies and strategies have had an impact on the other activities that are carried out at the border (Ackleson, 2005). The United States have been very keen in security to ensure that their borders are safe from the terrorists and other forms of attacks. It is very instrumental the country to acknowledge that the security of a country starts with each individual and everyone has a task to play. How have the security policies that were implemented after 9/11 influenced the activities that take place at the border and also the movement of immigrants? How can these policy and strategy be put in place successfully without interfering with other legal activities that take place at the border?
The laws formulated during the George Bush regime are among the things that affected the security levels of the country since there was a heated debate on the relationship between the terrorist screening and refugees in the Canadian border. The exercises that were influential in creating loopholes needed a strong force and intelligence for amendment. The technological advancement in the security levels has greatly impacted the efficiency of the forces in terms of combating the terrorists. The inclination of the security levels did not come only for the good of the United States but to the harmonious living with the neighbors. Although the intention was good, the neighbors felt discriminated since the rules were tough even during the time of need.
It is always a great idea when good neighbors share resources and ideas for the purpose of prosperity. The new laws are instrumental in breaking the good neighborship between United States and its neighbors in Canada, Mexico, and other neighboring countries. The measures put in place deter good communication and trade between the countries and encourage the enmity. The countries cannot continue to help each other as before because of the fear factor of allowing terrorists into the country.

Annotated Bibliography

Ackleson, J. (2005). Border security technologies: Local and regional implications. Review of policy research, 22(2), 137-155.
The article surveys the different border control systems that can significantly curb the illegal activities that take place at the borders. The article emphasizes that the ‘Smart Border’ approach that was put forward during the administration of George Bush has a great impact on the communities around the border. The security technology was aimed at screening potential terrorist incursions, as well as the entry of illegal weapons and drugs. It was also supposed to ensure that there is no interference with the legal activities that take place at the border. The author, however, contends that, even though, the technology has significant capabilities, it also has a great impact on the communities around the border. The flow of goods and individuals to the United States plays a significant role in maintaining trade between the government and the neighboring countries (Ackleson, 2005).The security policies that were enforced at the borders have influenced the relationship between the United States of America and its two neighboring countries; Mexico and Canada. Consequently, the trade can be greatly affected by these policies. The technology affected the flow of legal commodities and genuine individuals between the countries. The number of refugees from Canada has significantly reduced since one cannot tell who is a genuine refugee or not. Most terrorists pose as refugees hence it becomes hard for the security team to determine who to enter or who not to enter (Adelman, 2002). Measures should, therefore, be put forward to ensure that trade is not affected in the process of ensuring security at the border. The security measures affect not only the communities around the border but also the United States as a whole since trade is affected. Smugglers and terrorists have also come up with complex and sophisticated groups as a result of the technology. It is now hard to tell what they are capable of doing because high-security measures that will ensure they come up with the new ideas on how to make it past the security policies. In conclusion, the screening technology has proven to be having loopholes since it does not determine who is supposed to be the legal refuge and who is to be classified as a terrorist. Other measures should therefore be put forward to ensure people’s identities are clear before allowing them as refugees. Drug traffickers and smugglers should also be monitored closely to ensure they do not access the borders by laying proper measures against drug trafficking. As the security measures are being put in place, consideration should be taken to ensure the relationship with neighboring countries is maintained. The accuracy of the systems should also be reliable and efficient to ensure that innocent people are not suffering in the expense of deterring the terrorists.


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