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Published: 2020/11/17

Being a regular reader of the Time magazine, I decided to rake into the bundle of magazines that I have gathered over the years. The five that I picked randomly featured pictures of Mr. Barack Obama, Angelina Jolie, Robert Downey Jr., MalalaYousafzai and Amir Khan as the cover photo. All of the aforementioned personalities are celebrities in themselves, two of them five being women.
I find the distribution of people rather interesting. Mr. Obama now holds the honor of being sworn in the second time as President of United States of America. At the time this magazine was published, that is November 2012, the President was still serving his first term. The picture shows him waving at the crowd, appreciating the applause he received after delivering a speech. At the time this magazine was issued, Mr. Obama was extremely popular amongst the masses, which eventually led to his victory in the elections. This was also the time when the election campaign was at its zenith.
While the first personality was political, MalalaYousafzai also touches that category but she is more often known as the symbol of women’s empowerment and women’s education. The title of the magazine says, “100 most influential people in the World” with Malala’s picture in the background. There is a list of other people on the side of the cover, but the fact that she was given the cover photo spells her importance. She is not only on the cover to sell the magazine, but she is also a symbol of the fight against terrorism. With terrorism on the rise, her photo has been used to portray the stance of the magazine and the masses, in general.
Angelina Jolie, Robert Downey Jr., and Amir Khan are all actors who have made great names in their own film industries. While Jolie and Downey are both American actors, Amir Khan is an Indian actor who is known for his precision and noble thoughts in the subcontinent. Usually, the pictures of actors or actresses make the front page when they release a huge hit or are the victim of a huge scandal. Amir Khan’s picture is also appearing in the “100 most Influential People in the World” issue of Time, revealing how an actor cum director can inspire the world with his work.
Out of the cover lines, the one on the Robert Downey Jr. issue is the most appealing: “I am Tony Stark; Redefining what it means to be a nerd in the 21st Century”. This is because everyone in every age group is aware of the comments and the difficulties faced by nerds. Their hunger for knowledge is too immense. Because every person can relate to it somehow, the title is bound to attract the reader to dig into it. Mr. Obama’s quote says, “We have got more work to do” on the title page, which makes for another captivating cover line, especially while he was already known as a man of action.
Another cover line of a Time magazine says, “Man Superman Gunman.” This cover line will fail to draw me into the magazine because it is very meaningless and violent at the same time. Although cryptic lines are usually more attractive, this cover title is not of that nature too. Too much vagueness can result in alienation of the reader.
Each issue of a magazine has something different to offer but usually the cover page decides whether the reader will be drawn into the magazine or not.

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