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Published: 2020/12/28

Hedonic treadmill has been described as the state of happiness that is subjective to individuals. The theory says that events and occurrences in an individual’s life influence their level of satisfaction at the material time. However, the happiness eventually levels back to the point it was at before the event occurred. The hedonic treadmill shows that exposure to something that makes us happy for a while leads to the reduction of happiness, and the excitement fades away. The adaptive nature of human beings is what leads to this outcome. When a person is given an opportunity they had been longing for, they are happy and excited. However, after a while, they become used to the opportunity; the happiness and excitement fade away, and the opportunity becomes a norm in their lives.
The hedonic treadmill is not the best and most satisfying way for one to live. The reason being, one will never be satisfied and every time they get what they want, they will long for more. The longing creates a state of lack of contentment and leads to the constant search for a new source of amusement and satisfaction. One adapts either an attitude of living the moment or tolerating the moment when they adopt the hedonic treadmill theory. While living the moment, an individual tries their best to enjoy the positive situation they find themselves in as they know it will eventually come to an end. On the other hand, if it is a negative moment, they tolerate it knowing that it too shall come to pass. One can, however, live a balanced and satisfied life. In order to do this, I would do the following;
I would value and maintain a healthy relationship with those close to me. Human beings are relational beings, and our attitudes are contagious. Being around happy people makes one happy. When one is in relationships that build and encourage them, they are likely to maintain those relations for longer. The relationship is sustained as it is healthy, and one does not feel the need to look for other better relationships.
Acts of kindness bring appreciation from the one who consideration is extended. To avoid the hedonic treadmill, I would regularly practice acts of kindness. The people to whom I extend these actions will appreciate me and what I do. The appreciation keeps one motivated, and they would keep doing what they are doing as they also thrive on the appreciation shown. Kindness helps one go through tough times as they can redirect their focus from their misfortunes to the needs of the community. The shift of focus helps them stay positive and hopeful about their situations.
I would not take any moment for granted. Tough times are meant to strengthen an individual. With this in mind, I would learn and appreciate the lessons when things appear to be on the negative side. Whereas when things are positive, I will be grateful as it was as a result of my input. The attitude of appreciation of the moment keeps one in a state of contentment as they know that every situation in life is an opportunity to learn.
The goals I set out to achieve an individual would be self-motivated and that I know would add value to my life. Having goals as a way of competing with another or trying to prove oneself does not bring satisfaction. That is because one will always be attempting to outsmart their so-called competitors hence have no chance to enjoy what they already have.
Happiness being relative and subjective can only be determined by an individual’s attitude. One should not purport to compare the happiness of one to another as no two similar circumstances are entirely the same.

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