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The organization Easter Seals, an American not-for-profit institute was established at the beginning of the twentieth century .All people from baby to adult with autism, mental diseases and other disablements receive assistance with the help of specialized sites with services which are provided in Puerto Rico, Australia, Canada and The U.S. The provided services, medications and therapies are oriented to satisfy particular needs of people. The assistance is given of no importance to the cause of mental or physical disability: accidental injury, disease found at birth, or aging process. All the norms of the National Health Council are followed by this organization.
A great variety of services which are developed to satisfy individual requirements are offered by Easter Seals. Professionals like teachers, therapists and psychologists encourage people to gain their independence, get over difficulties and live their lives to the fullest. Any therapy program is impossible without the participation of family members. The major services provided by the organization are: Medical Rehabilitation, Camping and Recreation, Employment and Training, Adult and Senior services, Children’s Services. (Easterseals.com) One can come to a conclusion that Easter Seals provide services for various strata of population and no one is forgotten.
The funds are received from different sources from public organizations, government agencies to private insurers. Contributions received from public help this community to pay the difference between what people can afford and the real price of the program. Each year more than 1.3 million people receive assistance from this organization. (Easterseals.com) Furthermore the representatives of Easter Seals offer hope, support and answers for those who have an autism spectrum disorder and who do not know what to do with their special needs and disabilities.
Easter Seals take into account the needs of the individuals, offers innovative methods and is mostly family-oriented. The organization was successful in the sphere of legislation for people with disabilities. A case in point is the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) which was passed in 1990. (Easterseals.com) It assures the civil rights of disabled people and bans any demonstration of discrimination against them. Easter Seals is all about helping, supporting and caring and 23,000 members of this organization are truly dedicated to their occupation.
Another organization which is worth presenting is TASH, an advocacy community of disabled people, their families, volunteers and those, who are not indifferent to this problem. The main purpose of TASH in the first place is to eradicate social injustices that lead to diminishing of human rights of disabled people. People with disabilities should participate in the life of the community and be a part of it. It is a noncommercial organization which has its representatives in many countries all over the world.
The organization has emerged in the mid-70s as a small group of activists. The original name was "AAESPH", an acronym that was difficult to remember. The abbreviation is spelled like the American Association for the Education of the Severely and Profoundly Handicapped. Later it was reduced to The Association for the Severely Handicapped or “TASH”. Nowadays the abbreviation TASH is highly-recognized all over the world.
As well as being a leader in disability advocacy it also publishes its own magazine and a journal. People who work in TASH understand that disabled people are the most vulnerable population stratum who needs their support and protection against neglect, abuse, segregation. TASH provides information, resources, advocacy and professional development for the families. This organization has a great support from committees, chapter organizations, volunteers, individuals. A network of members includes people with disabilities, their families, professionals, social workers and researchers.
TASH provides such services: legislation, litigation and public policy, advocacy for equity, opportunities, social justice and human rights, individualized, quality supports in place of congregate and segregated settings and services, research that translates excellence to practice, education of the public, government officials, community leaders and service providers. (TASH)
The main purpose of TASH is to prevent the exclusion of disabled people from society, support their needs, advocate their interests on their behalf and to make everything possible so that people with disabilities could enjoy their lives as all people. People who are working in TASH have a dream that one day people with disabilities will be fully participating community members without obstruction which prevent quality of life, diversity and equity. TASH is known as a values-based organization which is focused on the disabled people’s interests and shows a high advocacy standard.
The organization relies upon the community of partners, educators, researchers, family members and self-advocates who are not indifferent to people with significant disabilities and their intentions to live a normal life. TASH is going to transform school communities, provide community living, increase the rate or employment for disabled people, and expand the participation of people in the advocacy of their rights and promote tolerance in order to prevent dangerous situations. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
The activity of TASH impressed me greatly. They are competent and dedicated enough to make efficient changes for the disabled children and adults. They have an understanding why it is so important for these people to remain a part of society and belong to a community as equal members. Fortunately there exist such organizations which have their vision of the future scheme of society where handicapped people are studying, working, enjoying their living and participating in cultural life. Without any doubts, the changing of the reality for these people is a worthy thing to do.

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