Reaction Paper: The Revised History Of Subcontinent Literature Review Sample

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Published: 2020/12/24

Humans always sustained an interest in the political management of the world, and therefore, developed nations such as the Great Britain managed the subcontinent for more than hundred years. The Indian continent had fought for independent for almost fifty years before achieving apparent freedom and independence in August 1947, and the Chinese nation proceeded the trend a year later. The resultant nationalities India and Pakistan remained poor, and the international institutions have rated them amongst the most financially distressed countries. The Indians have failed in terms of providing its citizens with basic and fundamental necessities of life. They do not have clean drinking water, and the major percentage of population does not have a washroom at its disposal to say the least. The neighboring country and foe, Pakistan is a much smaller state in comparison, but still, the country is drowning into the waters of corruption and social injustice because the rulers are having an interest to safeguard their goals and objectives of their own. Secondly, the worlds those dwelled under the colonist’s regime in the past reclaimed their freedoms for demurring forces, but the general public did not see any improvements in their living standards.
The unemployment levels are off the charts in both of the nations. The Chinese nation however, created national success for themselves. The socialistic focus of leadership served the needs of the collective in order to fulfill the potential of the entire nation. The postcolonial world is useless in terms of its humanistic value if the government is ineffective regarding development of economic opportunities for the citizens. The capitalistic mindset does find its true application in India and Pakistan where concept of love has an economic side to it. Everybody is looking to dodge others into entering unproductive deals, and financial gain has become a leading cause of life for significant portion of the people. The personal hygiene levels are low, and the humans living in the featured countries are superstitious more than the usual. The companies are not expanding their operations in order to cause development of generalized nature. The productive and real industrial projects are dying out, and the multinationals are merrymaking over there as they are targeting the masses with outdated products those rejected by the public of developed nations. The organizations are working in the subcontinent by indulging themselves in trading, and therefore, they are importing products from foreign companies, and selling them expensive to the locals.
Furthermore, Indians have learned the science of information technology, and emerged as a third most significant national users of computer science. With the passage of time, Indian industrial sector is growing substantially because international companies are outsourcing their operations to India so that they can avail cost advantages due to currency differences, and the social growth and development in the Indian state is notable as compared to its neighbors where the people are dreaming about leaving their motherland in order to find questionable and indemnifying jobs overseas. The nationalistic regimes those caused the people to consider themselves as different from their past rulers had served as the basis of separatist’s philosophy throughout the world. The English people fought Romans in the leadership of King Arthur to reclaim their independence, and the reclaiming of independence is only the first stage of freeing one’s nation from the clutches of slavery because sustaining the newborn country is a big ask to say the least, and the true form of freedom dwells in the nation’s life if its citizens are happy and satisfied with the events of their lives.
The educational provision and quality are less than questionable, and they are teaching their next generation outdated and obscure literature. The creative people are facing hindrance regarding their professional establishment. The theological philosophy of Christianity argues that the element of sloppiness and laziness are true forms of evils, and as the populations of India and Pakistan are not willing to put in the efforts in order to develop into effective humans, and in this way, they are suffering from entropic trends of disintegration. The portions of social and communal services have grown into professional fields, and social organizations are working with an intention to create wealth and money. The innocent people are asked to submit their educational certificates, and the jobseekers are stripped off of their golden achievements. The human resource consultancies scan the printed documents, and edit them in order to change the name of owners, and then, fake degree-holders find jobs in foreign lands by using credentials of others.
The ethics in countries those consider themselves free and independent are degrading for reasons unknown to naked eye. The leadership of such countries has an obvious flaw because they are living their lives under the constant influence of greed. The religious frameworks those are leading the lives of people in the subcontinent has a derivation from minds who were in need of psychological help. The governments and industries working in the private sectors are adamant to prevent the human capital from experiencing growth, and as the time is passing, international institutions are realizing the fact that the nations of subpart of the continent are existing in the illusion of independence rather than actually achieving it, and the communal setups are destroying themselves because the citizens are not finding their interests fulfilled, and therefore, whole nations are suffering from psychological contract breach. The love towards the nation is reducing in the masses because they have to sell their sons and daughters to the Taliban in order to sustain themselves in financial terms.


The lack of professional development is a social problem that the leadership is not willing to resolve, and negative balance of payment is evident of the reality that the countries do not have any sellable products and services with considerable quality. The human trafficking has developed into a legitimate business, and Pakistani and Indian women are selling against a premium in Casinos all over the world. The political leaders have an active and criminal part in this regard, and economic climate is causing the public to participate in such a filthy business. The concise argument of this paper can be summarized as “The economic degradation is almost certainly going to lead to ethical and social one” and the governmental leaders have to face the resultant blame whether they like that or not. The educational qualification of political leadership is predetermination factor that one can use in order to predict the resulting success. Finally, the attainment of apparent independence is not going to let the nations earn respect in the international community. The national systems those suffered through the inhumane struggle of independence have to make their citizens proud otherwise they will flee to other countries in order to find social and economic peace, and the immigrants adopt to the ways of the host nation because they do not find their home county’s identity inspiring, and therefore, hybridism manifests as a consequence of the abovementioned motives.

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