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Effective communication

Effective communication is an important success principle in any organization. It ensures that all operations of the organization are running smoothly and they done a manner which they are supposed to be done. It involves the flow of information from all levels of organization, both vertical and horizontal communication. Our company has been able to apply this principle successful in many ways. First, there is free flow of information from the top management to the lowest staffs in the hierarchy. The CEO ensures that decisions that are made in the board are communicated effectively to all staffs in order to prepare them for implementation. The decisions are communicated to the departmental heads who communicate them to their staffs on time. This ensures that the new decisions are implemented with ease and any suggestions in regards to such decisions are communicated to the management on time. Secondly, the management involves all the staffs in making some decisions especially those that concern the improvement of the organizations. Staffs are given chances to make their contributions through opening forum meetings, conducting surveys, or even making suggestions to the management through departmental heads. This involvement of all the staffs in decision making ensures that they own them even before they start to implement them. After owning such decisions, they become very easy to implement and hence succeed helping the company to improve its performance.

Focused leadership

This principle requires leaders of the organization to be clear and convinced where they want to take the organizations in the next few years. After these convictions, they must learn to communicate the vision to their followers in order to enable them not only to own it, but also to support it. The leaders must come up with clear goals, objectives, strategic plans or policies that will drive their organizations to achieve greater heights. It is from these goals that management is able to evaluate its performance in order to know whether it is moving in the right direction towards their achievement. In the last few years, our company has succeeded to some extent to develop a focused leadership that has driven it to a higher level of success. The company has a strong board of management that comprises members from different careers with diverse skills and experiences. They have been able to make strategic decisions in regards to operations, marketing, expansion, HR management among others.

Creativity and innovation

This principle forms an important corner stone for any successive organization. It involves coming up with new ways of doing things that are cheaper, better, faster and easier to produce goods and services. Innovative companies are able to gain a competitive edge in the market through reduced prices as a result of low cost of production methods. Our company has also been successful in the aspects of creativity and innovation. It has invested a lot of resources in research and development in order to come up with more efficient methods of productions that are cost-effective. This has enabled the company to come up with new products and services that are launched almost annually. The management also encourages staffs to be innovative in their work through recognizing the most innovative employee in the year. As a result, employees have been able to come up with new and better methods of performing their duties.

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