Good Case Study On Technology And Communication

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Impact of technology on organisational communication
Technology can spare organizations cash in light of the fact that they don't need to pay travel costs. For example, at the point when representatives use technology for working from home, they can work in the solace of their home as opposed to heading out to a work environment. Utilization of Technology can diminish the time it takes to perform an errand, which can eventually spare cash and build benefit. As opposed to communicating something specific by postal mail, utilizing email or fax can convey it immediately. Technology can likewise accelerate different assembling procedures, as machines, and PCs can do the work that was once performed by people all the more rapidly and productively. On the drawback, the utilization of technology doesn't generally bring about more noteworthy proficiency. Organizations that depend vigorously on PC frameworks to lead business can reach a virtual halt if the framework separates. There is regularly an expectation to learn and adapt that goes with the presentation of another methodology, which can prompt a misfortune in benefit and disappointed representatives. For workers who work from home and experience PC issues, it might be harder to get convenient specialized backing. A few advances contain characteristics that need to be frequently overhauled, which can bring about an extra cost for the organization. The drawback is that representatives are more averse to take part in social exercises far from their PCs (Bloom, Garicano, Sadun & Reenen, 2014).

Impact of technology on Verbal and non-verbal cues

In organizations just the voice-to-voice and eye to eye samples incorporate manifestations of non-verbal gadgets that help all gatherings included better comprehend the full message being conveyed. This can here and there appear like something worth being thankful for – for instance, no apprehension is indicated through content, yet a call may uncover a rough voice and numbers of "ummms". On the other hand, tremendously required tone is frequently lost when the normal arranger does not have the vernacular mixture to infer it. There additionally exists the issue of investing so little time in conventional correspondence settings that we begin to lose our familiarity with these ever imperative nonverbal prompts, and all the more regularly misjudge or affront others in logged off social circumstances. How about we take a gander at a couple of ways this non-verbal blunder can happen, and how they can be evaded. On the off chance that a specialist is not usual to utilizing his voice around others, I may speak the wrong message with the way that I talk. Being too boisterous can be irritating and being too calm will result in your information to be disregard.

Internal communication

Difference in Communication and decision making with boss, subordinate or peer
There must be a difference while communicating and making decisions with boss, peer or subordinate. While managing subordinates, I would allow the subordinates realize that criticism is required and empowered. I would urge them to give me both great and terrible news. Welcome contradiction on issues. Additionally, I would guarantee an example of input happens by utilizing encouraging feedback notwithstanding if the criticism was great or awful. The leader must distinguish the regions in which they need input. I would not support aimless input comprising of unmoving talk of the individual issue about others in the association. I would impart the need and craving for criticism on issues and zones that can help the association. Utilization hushes to advance input and support input as opposed to bringing the issue with remarks raised by subordinates. If I would be communicating with the manager then, dealing with the manager can be extremely dubious to do. It obliges listening to him, complying with his requests, reaching him as often as possible. In the event that I feel there is an essential commitment that I can make that isn't being listened, however, take a stab at recording a concise clarification and asking your supervisor to audit it. It would be awesome if all choices could be chosen by accord everybody conceding to one side arrangement of activity yet this isn't generally the case. Here and there, your supervisor will need to measure all the data and afterward settle on a choice which isn't famous with everybody. Lastly, if I communicate with peers and needs to make a decision with them, I would comprehend that the time to make inquiries and give data is before the choice has been made. The principal standard of correspondence would be to wind up mindful and acknowledge how I like to impart. Managing associate, one ought to know his favored style of correspondence will be amazingly important when managing others. Impart on the other individual's channel. When I know how someone else needs to get correspondence, it’s my obligation to impart that way (Kumar, Adhish, & Chauhan, 2015).


There are both great and poor listeners. Good listeners takes a gander at the individual talking and responds responsively, gives careful consideration to alternate, does not interrupt the speaker, are sensitive to the speaker, does not surge the speaker, ask fitting inquiries are sincerely controlled, has no shrouded agenda.besides there are some awful listeners who always interrupts makes a hasty judgment, makes moral judgments, continues completing the speaker's sentences, they are unmindful and continually composing and taking notes, changes the subject is lethargic and is fretful on the grounds that they can't control feelings.

Improving listening skills of employees

Organizations work to make their employees effective listeners. They teach them the aptitudes and demeanor that empower workers to coexist with their associates, to settle on discriminating choices, tackle issues, create an appreciation and at last get to be solid representatives for the association. Organizations improve Interpersonal aptitudes which are the abilities workers use to cooperate with other individuals. Great interpersonal abilities permit i to take part successfully as an individual from a group, fulfill clients and customers' desires, arrange, decide, deal with your time effectively, assume liability, and work viably with different workers. Decently sharpened interpersonal aptitudes permit us to understand fabricate affinity with associates and customers, promoting a superior workspace which can be less hectic (Hamilton, 2013).

Improving personal listening skills

There are things which an employee can do to enhance listening skills. They are: Focus - Give the speaker your unified consideration, and recognize the message; Perceive that non-verbal correspondence likewise "talks" uproariously; Give Feedback - Our individual channels, presumptions, judgments, and convictions can misshape what we listen. As an audience, your part is to comprehend what is being said. This may oblige I to reflect what is being said and make inquiries and Concedes Judgment - Allow the speaker to complete every point before making inquiries and don't hinder with counter contentions (Beebe, Beebe & Redmond, 2011).


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