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Projectile Motion

In this experiment ranges and velocities of a ball under projectile motion were measured as well as acceleration was determined. This experimental value of acceleration was then compared with theoretical value.


Diameter of the ball (d) =0.0253 m.
h = 0.967 m

Following data were obtained from 8 trials:

Data Analysis:
Following graph was found from the data:
Experimental Slope =0.4278 m/s^2
Theoretical Value =0.444 m/s^2
% diff slope=3.6 %
Difference = |0.4278 – 0.444| = 0.0162
Sigma d = ((0.4278 x 0.4278) + (0.444 x 0.444)) ^0.5 = 0.617.


After carrying out the experiment it has been found that the difference between experimental and theoretical value of acceleration due to gravity is about 0.0162 which is less than the permissible deviation of the two values i.e. 0.617. For this reason, the experiment can be said to be successful.

Answers of the questions in lab manual have been written below –

Solution: It will represent the velocity. Like v = A, obtained from the two equations. Velocity has been denoted by “v”.
Solution: It will represent the initial position. Like Xo = B, obtained from the two equations. Initial position has been denoted by Xo.
Solution: Three equations will be Xo = 0; X = Xo + vt; Y= Yo + vo.t + 0.5gt^2;
Solution: h = 0.5 gt^2.
Solution: t = (2h)^0.5 / g
Solution: X = vox. (2h)^0.5 / g

Solution: A momentum.

Solution: Vector, horizontal, vertical
The lab experiment was carried out safely. Projectile motion is important area of study in motion of a body and by carrying out this lab experiment familiarity with projectile motion was gained. Projectile motion has two independent linear motions – one is horizontal and another one is vertical. The lab experiment was a successful one. However, error was found during analyzing the data, but percentage of error was negligible. If more care would be taken to follow experimental process, more accurate result could be achieved. Apart from the main objective of the experiment, the knowledge of calculating error has been gained. So, the objective of the experiment was fully met and it was a successful experiment.

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