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In the 1990s, for the first time digital marketing term was used. By 2000s and 2010s, the digital marketing turns into further refined form, became an effectual means to make relationships with consumers that have intensity and significance. It is a practice that promotes the products and the services by using online distribution channels that are database-driven in order to contact customers in well-timed, pertinent, delicate and gainful manner (Rowley, 2008).
Digital marketing is a term of marketing that uses the electronic devices like personal computers, mobile phones, smart phones, tablets, Televisions and the game console in order to get connected with stakeholders. Digital marketing relates technologies or the platforms like websites, classic and mobile applications, e-mail along with the social networks. Digital Marketing could carry out by the channels that are Non-internet such as TV, SMS, and Radio or by the channels with Internet such as Social Media, Banner ads, E-mails ads and many others. Is Digital marketing having a constituent that is Social media advertising? Many of the organizations uses an amalgamation of both the channels i.e. traditional as well as digital marketing; nevertheless, digital marketing have more admired by the marketers because it permits these marketers to target many facets  including Return on Investment more precisely evaluated to the other channels of traditional marketing. According to Institute of Digital Marketing, it is actually the use of digital channels in order to endorse or market the products and the services to the consumers along with the businesses (Ashworth, Free, 2006).
Many opportunities and number of avenues have been developed for advertising as well as marketing due to the swift expansion of digital media. Exponential expansion of the digital advertising has been led by the increase production of devices in order to access the digital media. Statistics of 2012 and of 2013 have shown the digital marketing to be a rising field.
The growth of Digital media in 2010 was expected to be 4.5 trillion ads online that were given out annually with the digital media, expend at approximately 48% growth. A growing segment of advertising originates from businesses employing by OBA that is Online Behavioral Advertising in order to modify advertising for the users of internet. Although an inventive supply, OBA has lift up concerns regarding to the consumer solitude and the data protection. Such allegations are significant considerations for conscientious communications. Digital marketing frequently submitted to an online marketing, web marketing or internet marketing. The digital marketing term has grown-up in fame over time, predominantly in some countries. Online marketing is widespread in USA till yet, it referred to be web marketing in Italy, but the digital marketing is become the mainly widespread term in UK and internationally, particularly after 2013 (Atwal, Williams, 2009).


In order to get better understanding of what the digital marketing techniques really are, it is better and easier to sort what does not comprises of the digital marketing. The traditional channels of marketing like TV, radio, print and billboards are not the types of digital marketing. These channels impressively been victorious over period of long time however are not as effectual in today’s contemporary age. It is believed that channels of traditional marketing undergoes from two most important limitations that are: one-way communiqué and no actual time response. As an expert marketer, one would constantly believe to be marketing as a two way street. Unfortunately, channels of traditional marketing are not been conductive to the dialogue among marketer and customer. Secondly, rapid bang of the Internet and the social media has destined the real time communication to be the key. Most channels of the traditional marketing undergo since a lag and there is no immediate communication. While the traditional marketing considered being entirely about the impressions, it spotlights the more significant facet of making the experience for its users (Bird, 2007).


Broadly, Internet is considered to be heart of the digital marketing. The Internet presents a number of applications like email, web, video and RSS that can be influenced by the marketers to start up the campaigns. The volatile growth of the smart phones along with the tablets has intended that the mobile phone had come out as extensively accepted channel of digital marketing in the recent era. And lastly, social media have served as a huge representative to the grounds of the digital marketing. Whereas primary inspirations for the social networks were the in-person communication, that leading the social networks like Facebook as well as Twitter, have changed into the precious tools of digital marketing.


When are directionless: it is found that the companies with no digital strategy, they do not have the specific strategic objectives for about what are they desire to attain online in provisions of either gaining the new customers or deeper relationships building with the existing ones. And if the companies do not have the goals and objectives that are clear than they are likely do not put sufficient resources in order to reach their goals and do not assess by analytics whether they are attaining those goals or not (Constantinides, Fountain, 2008).
When not known about the online market share: the Customer demand for the online services possibly is underestimated, if the companies have not researched on this.  Possibly, more significantly the company would not understand its online marketplace that is, the dynamics would be unlike to the traditional channels with the different kinds of the customer profiles and behaviors, the competitors, proposals and different options for the marketing communications.
Competitors both existing and the start-up will gain the market share: If the companies are not devoting sufficient resources to the digital marketing or they are using an unplanned approach without any evidently defined policies, then its competitors will going to eat its digital lunch (Rowley, 2008).
If do not have commanding value proposition online: A visibly distincted online value proposition for the customer will going to help the company to differentiate its online services encouraging its already existing and the new clientele to connect initially and then stay loyal.
If do not know the online clientele well enough: It's repeatedly said that the digital is most measureable intermediate ever. However Google Analytics along with others will merely tell that quantity is not sentiment. There is a need to make use of other forms of tools of website user response in order to recognize the weak points so to address them.
If Are "disintegrate": It is entirely too much common for the digital to accomplished in silos either that is an expert digital marketer, who is in IT or to be a digital agency. It is easier way to wrap up digital marketing in expedient chunk. However it is been less effectual. Everybody have the same opinion that the digital media toil best when it is integrated with the conventional media and the response channels (Rowley, 2008).
Digital does not have sufficient people given its significance: inadequate resources will going be devote to both the planning and execution of the e-marketing and it is probable a lack of exact professional e-marketing skills that will be going to make it intricate to react to the competitive threats efficiently.
Wastage of capital and time by duplication: yet if the companies do have the enough resource it could be wasted. This is predominantly case in the larger companies, in which diverse parts of marketing organization acquiring diverse tools or being using the diverse agencies for performing comparable marketing tasks online.
If not supple enough to grasp or to stay ahead: If look up to the pinnacle online brands such as Amazon, Google, Dell, Tesco these all are dynamic  that is they are testing new things in order to expand or keep up their online viewers.


The growing mobility of the customer is fine progress for any type of business; however it is particularly good for the quick-service along with the fast-casual restaurants. Sudden decisions concerning where to munch frequently happen impulsively, and fast serves are exclusively located to serve up the desires of these customers. Marketing to frequently on-the-go customer is similar to trying to punch a poignant target. Luckily, restaurants can make use of these strategies of digital marketing in order to reach vigorous consumers anywhere they are (Hill, 2007).
Digital marketing, term is addressable marketing technique in which the pertinent marketing communications are conveyed to the individuals by means of Web, e-mail, and the mobile channels by using cookie of Web browser, e-mail address, and number of mobile phone. The philosophy of digital marketing i.e. addressability, message significance and the personalization is considered to be the ideal one for the restaurant marketers along with their customers. Leveraging the complete value of the direct digital marketing needs to go ahead of tried and the true strategies of e-mail marketing which have been using for last ten years and are constructing a sturdy relationship with customer at every touch-point that have value to them.
Marketing by E-mail is still been useful; however it has developed into more of the channel of informational communications. Customers cannot make instant action i.e. they can’t make direct procure through an e-mail. Whereas it is factual that several consumers currently have admittance to e-mails by means of a Smartphone, hence e-mail became medium to more action-oriented conduit of mobile i.e. text messaging and Web. As a consequence of the e-mail’s function change, marketing communications that are delivered by means of e-mail should also move to further relationship oriented through providing broad information concerning to the i.e. upcoming specials (Rowley, 2008).
Whereas e-mail channel considered being informational, the channels through mobile phones facilitates action. In order to conclude the correct way to make use of the mobile channel for conducting both of the quick-service as well as marketing of fast-casual restaurant, it is very important to first recognize the different mobile phone functions that the consumers have largely adopted. Various restaurants offer mobile phone apps for the consumers for placing orders, to get coupons along with generally interaction with brand. Whereas iPhone app i.e. may be an efficient tool for restaurant and may be important asset for consumer, iPhone app just reaches to a marginal mobile-phone users approximately about six percent of market have iPhone. Yet the slightest sophisticated mobile phone devices have the text message capacities. For the maximum reach and the impact of any of the mobile phone program, it is very important to make use of the most ordinary shape of a non-voice mobile phone communications i.e. text messaging. Sending the text messages encloses unique short-lived presents or includes coupons of limited-time and even includes enabling placement of the order through mobile phones, is uncomplicated programs for the marketers in order to set up and to make easy for the consumers to use it (Hill, 2007).
Taking the most advantage out of any sort of marketing through mobile necessitate an effectual approach for detaining the customer opt-in. By using channels of traditional marketing such as radio, television along with the on-location security such as table tents and the counter mats, will helps quickly to detain the essential opt-ins that are needed to make a decisive mass and exploit the efficacy of any digital marketing arrangement of the mobile. Although the easiness and efficacy of the mobile marketing been tempting, keep in mind that drenching the inbox of mobile subscriber’s is a rapid way to mislay a subscriber (Rowley, 2008).
Even if promotions of e-mail can be admittance on a few mobile devices, these don’t have immediate impact on mobile promotion. For a customer who wanted to get genuine value as of e-mail coupon, the consumer needs a week at least to exchange it. Digital marketing i.e. particularly through mobile channel, provides marketers of the restaurant the authority to simply communicate to the customers no matter wherever they are and whatever they doing. Correctly putting into practice the effective programs of digital marketing, it is a quick and simple way in order to add to foot traffic of local and increase the sales within limited investment.


Contemporary media is not now restricted to television or a radio show, or a newspaper or an advertisement. Rather today's media, starting from the text to the video and to the sound, be able to be saved and can be communal electronically, by using all from the desktop computers to the small mobile phone devices. This electronic broadcasting of the media had shown a commanding impact on methods by which people commune for their personal motives, the schools and even businesses. Nevertheless, it does not have merely a constructive impact on the business (Constantinides, Fountain, 2008).
More rapid Information: gratitude to the digital media, companies are able to get their particular information exposed to public quicker than before. In place of printing pop ins and for waiting for Sunday paper in order to proclaim about their sales, companies are now allow the globe know regarding an thrilling promotion by email, by social networking, by the company’s websites and by Internet ads. Nevertheless, the digital media is able to spread “dreadful” information about the business even immediately as it spreads the good one. Video or a camera in use with cell phone or by updating the Facebook status, attributing the company’s secret or a fake pas can set off viral in just few minutes, leaving the business's status spoiled, however the business prior to digital media would been capable to clear the muddle protracted before it went out to the public.
Greater Reach: Digital media is a mean through which businesses are able to reach more clientele than before. A effortless promotion attributing a good deal or a free sample can help the business to bring in hundreds or even thousands of fans of Facebook along with the email and the subscribers of text message, implication to this is, business be able to propel message to its customers with immediately touch of the button. Though digital media also way through which these customers are able to reach back. All the way through the pessimistic comments to the company’s Facebook page along with the other sites of social networking such as Twitter as well as the company’s blog, these clientele then be able to use this digital media in order to make complaints that otherwise would be just between the company and the consumer rather than worldwide (Bird, 2007).
Technology: Using the digital media refers to making the use of innovative technology, both for creating and supporting the media. New technology could be served to be an asset for the business. When smart phones and the laptops are adopted for using the digital media, companies can also optimistically manipulate other districts of their business. For instance this mobile related technology makes the communiqué between the employees easier to greater extent. On the other hand, the new technology is far more expensive and at times it also doesn’t have the optimistic results that its champions believe it will be going to have e.g. Information Week remarks that various companies provide its employees with the home computers at the time when Internet was initially became trendy with the view point that those workers would be going to an encouraging influence in favor of company online. On the other hand, this program was actually ended up leading to support as well as tax troubles for companies and its employees (Atwal, Williams, 2009).
Options: due to digital media the businesses have now more options from which to choose when looking for to getting the word out regarding their businesses. Instead of selecting amongst TV or a radio commercial or among the print advertisement, the companies now able to make media which is the amalgamation of visual, audio, text as well as interactive media. This diverse media is able to appeal to greater viewers with distinguished preferences. On the other hand, it is as well more expensive to keep it up with the technology that is ever-changing and may entail the formation of novel strategists who are able to think and to create digital (Ashworth, Free, 2006).


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