Good Example Of Research Paper On Abortion: The Regard For Life

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The debate on abortion refers to right and wrong aspects associated with the termination of pregnancy and ending life of foetus. The abortion should be allowed because the decision to have child or not, does not impact only foetus but mother and father both. The right to abortion should be provided because all women should have right to take decisions affecting their body, children should not have to be born into poverty, and a woman’s emotional health is a priority in the decision to abort. Advocates of abortion believe that intentional abortion should be acceptable under certain circumstances because abortion is not only about disregarding the life of foetus, but regarding the life of women.
Consequentialism refers to normative ethical theories that believe that rightfulness or wrongfulness of any action performed by individuals should be evaluated according to the consequences of that action. Any action that will result in positive outcomes should be considered as morally right action. According to consequentialism theory, if abortion is performed for the benefit of women or foetus then both intentional and unintentional means by which abortion is performed should acceptable. This research paper will discuss why right to abortion is ethically right, and should be provided.


All individual have freedom to take decisions associated with their own body. No person or entity has right to oppress that freedom. Similarly women also have right to decide if they want to carry and give birth to a child or not. There are various factors that impact decision of abortion such as social and economic condition of women, her age, support from the family, health of women, emotional health etc. A woman is in better situation to analyze those factors and decide if she wants to give birth to a child or want to terminate her pregnancy.
First amendment of U.S. constitution regarding religion also supports the ‘pro-choice’ belief. According to Wenz, laws should not restrict the abortion performed during first twenty weeks of pregnancy. Religion does not consider a foetus as a human during first twenty weeks of gestation. Therefore, abortion should be permitted during first 20 weeks of pregnancy (Wenz, 2014).
There are various situations in which abortion seems a right choice for the women. According to a survey conducted by Gallup (2011), 97 percent pro-choice and 69 percent pro-life advocates believe in making abortion legal when it may cause life of women. A large percentage of pro-choice advocates also believe that abortion should be legal if it endangers health of women or pregnancy caused due to rape. Blow given table is providing point-of-view of pro-choice advocates and pro-life advocates on different points (Saad, 2011).
Women should be allowed to go under termination of pregnancy because a happy motherhood can only be achieved if mother is happy with the arrival of child. A woman should have freedom to decide if her age, background and other circumstances are suitable for her to be a mother. Making abortion illegal will increase teenage pregnancy significantly, which will also impact infant and mother mortality rate. This will also increase the number of single parents as teenagers are not financially or mentally ready to start a family. Therefore, women should be given freedom to decide about the abortion after analyzing her circumstances.
Consequentialism theories suggest that action should be performed keeping in mind their outcomes. Pro-choice advocates support the legalization of abortion as women are normal individuals like men and should have voice with regard to things happening to their health or body. Manninen (2013) support the claim by saying that “a complete understanding of why so many prochoice advocates may support the position that fetal life has value requires knowledge and appreciation of the climate[that] women’s bodies and reproduction were owned by men” (Manninen, 2013, p.665).
Pro-life advocates say that there is no relationship between child birth and economic condition of parents. On other hand, pro-choice advocates believe in strong relation between economic condition and child birth. Pro-choice advocates support the abortion if performed due to poor financial condition of parents or mother. Pro-choice advocates support for the good life of women and new-born. According to them, human life should not be neglected and mother should have right to terminate her pregnancy if she does not want her child to live in poverty and struggle for even basic human needs.
Foster (2015) said that a large percentage of women go under abortion who have dependents as compare to women who have no dependents. According to the Foster, financial condition and number of dependents play a major role in deciding if mother or women want child or not (Foster, 2015). Consequentialism theories also support the abortion if mother is not capable to take care of health, education, food and other primary needs of her child. It is also not logically correct to give birth when mother already have members to feed and financial resources are limited.
Consequentialism theories also deal with humanitarian side of the abortion issue that is psychological condition of pregnant women. Decision on the abortion impacts emotional condition of the women. Rocca (2013) mentioned that 95 percent women who went under abortion believe that they took right decision (Rocca, 2013, p.4). Making intentional abortion illegal will impact the psyche and emotional health of the women. For example in certain situations such as if child is conceived due to rape or child is expected to be physically or mentally challenged, mother will be under tremendous pressure after child birth.
Pro-choice advocates regard for healthy and stress free life of women. A woman should be allowed to go under abortion if pregnancy is causing her tremendous emotional pressure. Woman generally plays a key role in managing family and any impact on her emotional health will disturb the whole family including the members depend on her. The ideas of Pro-choice advocates should be viewed as regard for life because they consider good of the people who are living and managing different responsibilities. Pro-choice advocates abortion because it is beneficial for both mother and child.


Analysis on the subject revealed about different positive aspects associated with the abortion. Abortion should be legal and acceptable because of its impact on the women. In a free country women should have right to analyze her social, financial, physical and emotional conditions in order to decide about abortion. Good life and happiness of unborn foetus largely depends upon the mother. If mother is not capable to fulfil even the basic requirements of the child such as food, shelter, education and health, there is no need to bring the child in poverty. Abortion should be allowed to value the life of a woman and also the life of a human being.


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