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The world is witnessing the bloody battle of good and evil since the prehistoric times, and therefore, the war is raging and ongoing. Evil attains an upper hand in the fight when good people remain silent in the response to injustice and crime. However, people are there who have the purified hearts, and clean wills those they use in order to confront wrong day in and day out. The story of Beowulf summarily argues that one must remain thankful and grateful to those who lent a favor to them or their families. King Hrothgar was a celebrated warrior in his hi-days, but now he was old and fragile so he did not have the courage and physical strength to fight the evilish and devilish attacks of Grendel, and the assaults were growing in terms of frequency and intensity as well.
The king’s worries in this regard were growing as well because he was losing his men in greatest numbers. The King and his followers were waiting for a savior, and there he comes with wielding blade. He acknowledged the favor that old king bestowed on his father and presented his services as a warrior. The King gladly accepts, and when the enemy attacked the next time, the awaiting master of war was waiting, and therefore, he took him on. The battle was far reaching and violent, but Beowulf defeated the assailant by separating one of his arms. However, the attacker retreated, and there was reason to have party in the castle. The warriors were merrymaking and they were enjoying themselves, but they were largely unaware of the surprise that they were about to receive. The wounded child of an equally evilish mother gave her a compelling reason to conduct an attack of her own, and she decided to take the warriors on when they were sleeping after a consuming party. She killed many warriors before the Danish soldiers reunited against. The performance of Beowulf was exemplary as well and therefore, the mother of Grendel had to retreat to a deep cave in a torrent, but Beowulf had an overwhelming level of commitment to get the job done, and therefore, he followed his prey to the cave, and killed her. The blade was destroyed during the fight due to infectious blood of the witch. The warrior had sustained heavy injuries, and the Danish soldier were experiencing compelling thoughts those told them that Beowulf was dead, but his inherent companions did not give up hope in the survival skills of their leader, and he emerged as victorious after all.
The tale featured a multidimensional story of valor and courage, but the character of Beowulf volunteered to face a demurring challenge that would have cost him his life. However, his father’s soul was indebted, and therefore, he had to act in order to payback the friend of his father who was troubled.
The leadership essentially derives its power from one’s character, and therefore, the Beowulf did not have great physical power, but his strength of the character made all the difference in the lives of those living in a cursed castle. The elements of hope, faith and courage are the major highlights of the story, but most importantly, the tale tells the readers that human efforts are going to create historical events. The human will to exist and make a stand for what they believe is right has created accounts of significant nature in the past.
According to King Arthur, the history has an unexplained way of remembering those who had the courage to fight. In life there are fights, and upon closer reflection, one can find out that we are always fighting something in our lives. The world has an inherent design to test the abilities of humans so that they can evolve into better beings. The element of challenge exists in each dimension of this world, and the nature itself creates room for the stronger by eliminating the weaker. There is no place where a coward can hide, and he or she has to make a stand for what he or she believes in. the evil thrives on the basis of fear, and fear is nothing, but the absence of courage. The element of fear loves to be invaded.
One has to confront his or her fears in order to emerge as the winning party in every kind of battle, the world has to offer. The motivational works always appeal to the mortality of the audience, and we must have the realization that our time is limited, and death is a shared destination of all the humanity. Death will come, and the people should make an effort to embrace it while doing something noble. Beowulf risked his life, but in the process he librated countless number of lives. He had the dream to see betterment in the lives of those who exist around him, and he did not talk about it, but he did face the nefarious foe twice, and proved that he was a better fighter than the opponent twice.
Beowulf did not engage into bloody fights in order to prove his manhood, but he had a vision and a dream behind every injury he sustained during the fight. The American philosophy argues that one should go down, but he or she must not die without a fight. Those who fight eventually succeed in their cause. The writer of the story created the character of Beowulf as an inspiration for those who are facing hardships in their lives because they should carry the will to fight, and eventually, world will respond to their untiring efforts. The message of the featured tale is mental rather than physical because no one in his or her life is going to face a witch or a demon, but he or she is going to confront problems and issues those are in need of an effective resolution. People should believe that every problem is having a solution, and the individual must be willed to find the way out as Beowulf did in the story.
The story used ethos in order to convey the sense of fearful existence, and the followers of the troubled and panicked King were living in a challenging circumstance that has threatened their lives as well. However, Beowulf introduced the element of hope in the miserable lives of the suppressed individuals, and their belief in the ability of their hero to defeat their prevalent demons paid off in the end of the story.
The attribute of pain is temporary in life, but the feeling of greatness is rather permanent to say the least. Furthermore, fears of loss and death are the major corrupting forces known to the mankind because people want to extend their lives at all costs, but some of them are not worth paying, and one needs to embrace death with an open heart when the vision demands for it.
The nature keeps a few intellectual gems buried deep down in the society, but when the time is right then, the chosen one cannot escape from the naturally gifted destiny. Each one of us fights the demons during his or her life, and therefore, we all share the feeling of greatness when we accomplish some noble goals in our lives. The real leaders do not live to make others happy, but they lead their lives in order to fulfill their visions those keep on changing with the passage of time.


This paper has evaluated the message embedded in the words of the story Beowulf. The tale featured and discussed the fighting spirit of the hero, and the account appeared to be simple in nature, but when the story was analyzed then, the fruits of intellect popped up. The fight in the tale is simplistic, but it offers inspirational motivation to those who have the time and energy to read the stuff with their whole hearts. Additionally, the fight signified challenges in one’s life, and they are going to come at oneself during day and night.
The world is asking ourselves to either grow or die in order to make room for the courageous souls. The difficulties and hardships are not going to stay forever, and they have to receive attention as opportunities of growth. Secondly, Beowulf emerged as a successful warrior, and we do not need to strain ourselves by thinking that we did not achieve anything substantial in life. If we are alive that means we qualified as worthy of existing in this world. If we were valueless then, the nature would have cleared us away long ago.
The terrifying enemy snapped the existence of hope away from the lives of the King and his followers, but nature paid the old leader against his deeds with the father of the hero who came in like the messenger of hope and enlightenment when the people were spending their time in misery, hopelessness and darkness of fear was all over the place. The hope does not prevail in isolation, but it does so in the form and shape of an individual, and in the case of the story, Beowulf was the bearer of good times, and in real life, a leader with shiny character is going to perform the function that the hero did in the tale.


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