Good Example Of Surprisingly He Always Smells (Bad, Badly). Essay

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Mayan Mystery

The middle-aged American couple was enjoying a vacation in an ancient Mayan city. As they were tired of their sight-seeing group they broke away to explore on their own. Stepping on stones overgrown with weeds they climbed a pyramid wanting to reach one of the ledges. The woman suddenly screamed and her husband fell over grasping his chest. Their arms and legs flailing the two tumbled down to the group below. What happened to the couple was not known and it was becoming more common, with the development of the ruins into tourist atrractions.About 50 tourists panic or fall and they have to be carried down every year. This has led to a fanciful conjecture about the origin of the ledges and the reason why people fall from the pyramids. Some Americans and Europeans claim that the ledges were built by ancient astronauts and were used to anchor their spaceships. The pyramids continue to rock and sway as if they were still attached to interplanetary vessels. The natives of the area blame that the accidents happened because of a curse by the Mayans to protect the hordes of gold hidden in the pyramids. Mexican scholars have revealed the truth that The Mayans sacrificed humans as a part of their religion. As the practice developed the Mayan population outgrew the protein supply and depended on that area. The sacrifices brought harmony in the population with the natural resources which added to the food supply. Standing on the ledges the priests removed the hearts of their victims and threw it down the steep sides of the pyramids .The bodies were thrown to the hungry masses below who practiced cannibalism. The Mexican government explained the reason as to why the tourists fall .As the tourists are not used to heights, they develop vertigo or acrophobia on the steep sided pyramids which means dizzy sensation and fear of heights. Though the truth is stranger than fiction in this case it is less romantic. Curses, hoards of gold Ancient astronauts are all nice fictions.
In the following sentences, choose between the adjective and adverb modifiers and put the correct one on the blank in front of the sentence
1. Sure -- It (sure, surely) is sad that I can’t go to the game tonight.
2. Bad -- Since Kelly’s dog loves to roll in dead animal carcasses, not

3. Well -- Even though Cara has a cold, she still is able to smell
(good, well) enough.
4. Bad -- Because I have a temperature and can’t breathe well through
my nose, I feel pretty (bad, badly).
5. Good --- This cookie tastes as (good, well) as the ones that Lynn makes.
6. Sure ---- Will you have a cough drop? (Sure, Surely). I need one!
7. Beautifully ---- Letitia is hard of hearing, yet she still sang the wedding song
(beautiful, beautifully) in her clear soprano voice.
8. Eagerly ----- She waited (eager, eagerly) to demonstrate her ability to play
when other people were watching.
9. Brilliantly---- The professor argued (brilliant, brilliantly) on the opposite side
of the argument.
10. Plainly--- Ants are able to distinguish shapes (plain, plainly) in the dark.
11. Better ---- Joe thinks that raccoons are (better, best) than any other animal.
12. Best---- Elephants are the (best, better) of the two big animals.
13. Thickest --- As he sliced away at the cadaver, the medical student

Wondered which race has the (thicker, thickest) skin.

14. Incredible---- (Incredible, Incredibly) as it may seem, even Texaco is
small in comparison to Exxon.
15. Curious------ Joe’s buying an old car for $20,000 seemed (curious, curiously)
16. Seldom----- Ellen (seldom, seldomly) comes to church early.
17. Good ---- My swing was not as (well, good) yesterday as it usually is.
18. Sure----- The mayor was (sure, surely) happy about the election results.
19. Almost----- (Almost, Most) every student wanted a vacation soon.
20. Somewhat---- The grammar lesson is (some, somewhat) harder today.
21. Anything ------- Kendra didn’t find (anything, nothing) she liked on sale today.
22. Delicious ---- This lemon pie tastes (delicious, deliciously).
23. Sort of----- The pastor was (sort of, somewhat) pleased with his flock.
24. Well ----- Mary writes exceptionally (good, well) for someone young.
25. Sure----- Michael is an excellent pilot and (sure, surely) enjoys flying.
26. Bad--- Since the child felt so (bad, badly), I sent her home.
27. Sweet ---- Doesn’t this corsage smell (sweet, sweetly)?
28. Loudly---- The tiny wren sings (loud, loudly) from the hidden nest.
29. Anywhere---- David could not find the keys (anywhere, anywheres).
30. As--- I am not (so, as) eager to attend the meeting as I was.
31. Thoroughly--- The boys searched the car (thorough, thoroughly).
32. Bad ----- The girls felt very (bad, badly) about the car accident.
33. Anybody ----- -Unfortunately she couldn’t find (anybody, nobody) at the office.
34. Any ---- The new employee was not willing to do (no, any) work.
35. Somewhere----- My book should be around here (somewhere, somewheres).
36. Badly---- Was anybody hurt (bad, badly) when the cars collided?
37. Certainly---- If he tries, Martin can (certain, certainly) play piano well.
38. Furiously------ The balls came fast and (furious, furiously).
39. so ---- I do not like football (so, as) well as Gerry does.
40. Correctly---- Many students do not answer (correct, correctly).
41. Bad ---- I can see why she feels so (bad, badly) about her grades.
42. Carefully----- I wish that everyone would work more (careful, carefully)?
43. Really---- I thought that she seemed (real, really) glad to see us.
44. Quickly------ Please come as (quick, quickly) as you can to help us.

The Pepsi Generation

The slim, tanned, Levi-clad Pepsi Generation who was the flower children of the sixties rode on motorcycles and surfboards swigging their colas. They were affluent and numerous.Manufaturers catered to their whims with advertisers pandering to their fancies. Grown up and filled out, they have swapped their motorcycles and surfboards for station wagons and sedans. The Pepsi generation profoundly changed the lifestyle of America. It was the product of the post war baby boom. The youth oriented culture gave motorcycle, surfboards, rock music and disco music. The revolution was pot, peace marches and open classrooms. The youthful median age of the population in America was 28 in 1970 and was the height of flower power. The median age will pass in 2005 at 35, when the Pepsi generation thinks about retirement. The total number of people who are 65 years old will swell from 23 million today to 41 million by the end of the century. Sixty five is retirement age and the change that is demographic is making the advertisers manufacturers react by moving into new areas and changing the appeal. Gerber’s a corporation built on selling baby products have stopped claiming that babies are its only business. Now Gerber’s sells life insurance for the set over 50 years old. Levi’s are cut and are fuller for the flower children whose stalks have thickened. Maybe by2000, colas will be hawked by golden agers in Bermuda shorts riding golf carts. The golden agers will be the Pepsi generation in retirement.

Mount Rushmore

They stand above the waters of the Belle Fourche River and over the tops of the tall conifers, which grow on the steep slopes of the black hills. They stare out with sightless eyes from Mount Rushmore at the unfathomable follies of men. They are the statues of presidents, Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt. It is not the statues that are least unfathomable but it is the follies of men. The national park service aimed at making a gigantic memorial for the four presidents. It was to be made from the natural granite from the mountain for which Gutaon Borglum a sculptor of some fame in his time was commissioned. From its inception in 1927 until its completion in 1941, and for years afterwards the project has never been free from controversy. This memorial was to overwhelm and to tell the world about the fervent patriotism of America and its superior technological power. The sculpture was meant to exceed the height of the pyramid and also to surpass the grandeur of all other modern wonders. Perhaps it has achieved these but some in the present days as well as in Borglum’s days wondered about the price they paid. It was the loss of the mountain’s natural splendor. The Mount Rushmore memorial is only a forbidding example to many of its critics. An example of legalized vandalism. It is also an example of graffiti written on a magnificent scale.

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