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World Map

France - Covers the Most Time Zones. If you count everything, including overseas territories, then France claims the title by covering 12 time zones. The United States would be the runner-up with 11 and then Russia with 9.
Guam - Roads Made of Coral. Because Guam doesn’t have any natural sand, but rather coral, the island nation makes its asphalt using a mix of ground coral and oil rather than importing sand from abroad.
Libya -Country Covered with the Highest Percentage of Desert. With 99% of the country covered in desert, Libya is one of the most arid places in the world and in some regions decades may go by without a single drop of rain.
Haiti -Almost Entirely Treeless. On the opposite end of the spectrum is Haiti, a country that has been so badly deforested that you can tell where it borders the Dominican Republic by looking at a satellite image.

Mongolia -Least Densely Populated–At 4 people per square mile, Mongolia is the least densely populated country on Earth.

Saudi Arabia - Country with Least Rivers. For a country as big as Saudi Arabia there has to be at least some sort of flowing water. Well, there isn’t. Most of their fresh water comes from desalinization plants or underground reservoirs.
Papua New Guinea - Most Languages Spoken – Papua New Guinea: Although English is its official language, only 1-2% of the population actually speak it. As the most linguistically diverse country in the world, over 820 languages are spoken in Papua New Guinea or 12% of the world’s total.
Monaco- Smaller than Central Park in New York City. Although Vatican City is smaller (.17 sq mi) than Monaco (.8 sq mi), unlike Monaco it doesn’t have any permanent residents which leaves Monaco as the smallest permanently inhabited nation in the worldsmaller than Central Park.

Italy - The traditional home of pizza and pasta is also the birthplace of many famous scientists, artists and mathematicians.

Jamaica has 8 native snake species, but relax, none of them are venomous. 
Brazil - The Amazon River flows through Brazil, it is the 2nd longest river in the world (after the Nile).
Australia –has the world's largest reef system, the Great Reef Barrier, is found off the north-eastern coast of Australia.
Greece -The Olympic Games originated in Ancient Greece.
Netherlands - 20% of the Netherlands is located below sea level.
Scotland - has a unique culture with traditions such as bagpipes, kilts and highland dancing.
Maldives – With an average of around 1.8 meters above sea level their nation is the lowest on earth.

Suriname – almost entirely covered in jungle at 91%.

United States – has more people incarcerated that any other country in the world.
Costa Rica – in February 2010, Laura Chinchilla became the country’s first woman to be elected president with 47 percent of the vote.

China - manufactures 70 percent of the world’s toys.

New Zealand has approximately seventy million sheep and only 4 million people.
Germany – Borders nine other countries.
India – has the more post offices than any other country (over 100,000).
Finland – has the largest number of islands in the world (over 179, 550).
Thailand – home of the world’s smallest mammal, the bumblebee bat
Mexico – is the largest salt producer in the world.
Chile has one of the longest recorded dry spells in the Atacama Desert where it did not rain for 40 years.
Guatemala- There is a modern legend that Mayan babies don’t cry. The legend says that every baby born was a warrior.
Japan – its small population of native white people are at the bottom of the social order, unlike white people in most other parts of the world
Russia – is among the top five mining countries in the world. Russia’s iron ore reserves are estimated to be worth $794 billion.

Spain – Although Christopher Columbus was Italian, he set sail for the Indies under the auspices of the Spanish monarchy.

Poland – has been cut up through the centuries between Germany and German states such as Prussia, Russia and Austria; was cut up after the First World War and then was the cause of the Second World War

Morocco – the first nation to recognize the new United States of America

Tunisia – contains ancient Carthage which once was one of the most important and prosperous cities of the ancient world.  
Vatican City – smallest country in the world. It's so small that the entire country does not have a single street address.

Venezuela – The tallest waterfall in the world is the Angel Falls in Venezuela.

Honduras - is divided into eighteen departments that are headed by a separate governor. The governors are appointed by the President of Honduras.
Afghanistan - The literacy rate of Afghanistan is very low, with female literacy rate as low as 10%. The total literacy rate of the country is approximately 34%.
Fiji - has a high literacy rate of 93%. Education is compulsory and free till the age of 16.

Barbados – it is illegal to wear any camouflage clothing.

England – it is an act of treason to place a postage stamp bearing the queen up-side down.
Turkey – Most Turks did not have surnames until 1934.
Ireland – Ireland is a snake free island. Ireland is isolated from the European mainland so it lacks several species common elsewhere in Europe.

Nigeria – Nigeria is the 12th largest producer of crude oil in the world.

South Africa – South Africa is the world’s biggest producer of platinum.
Luxembourg – The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is not high on the list of European tourist hotspots, but one of its biggest draws is the preposterously scenic fairytale medieval castle at Vianden.
South Korea – The Korean War has never ended as there is no treaty. It is simply a very prolonged cease fire.

Belize – has the only Jaguar reserve in the world, otherwise known as Cockscomb Basin Wildlife sanctuary.

Singapore – Largest Country with No Farms. Although there is a number of small nations in the world that show no hint of having an agriculture based economy, Singapore is the largest of these cities.
Vietnam – The Vietnamese language has six different tones. A change in tone changes the meaning of the word. This makes their language somewhat difficult to learn.

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