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Making Strategy Work: A Literature Review on the Factors influencing Strategy Implementation
Though several studies recognize that approaches often fail not because of insufficient strategy preparation, but because of inadequate application, strategy presentation has revealed less study consideration than strategy preparation. This particular study discusses factors that sustain or obstruct effective strategy application, and review the existing studies in this field. It is therefore clear that strategy implementation is a fundamental challenge for the present day’s business organizations.
There are factors that affect the attainment of strategy implementation, reaching from the individuals who communicate or apply the strategy to the schemes or mechanisms prepared for organization and control. In order to better know these issues and their significance for effective strategy implementation, examining existing study on the factors that affect strategy implementation.

Slide 2. Structure of the Paper

Analysis of the definitions of strategy implementation and relate them with other identical and correlated expressions. (Section 2)
Description of the methodology that are applied to conduct the literature review and state its range. (Section 3)
The review of literature, concentrating on the core results of previous studies. This section provides an information flow of nine major issues that influence strategy implementation. This part likewise comprises a review of present models and contexts of strategy implementation. (Section 4)
Discussion of the inferences and effects of the findings along with their restrictions. A conceptual framework formulated that arranges the present research outcomes. There is also a discussion on directions for prospective research in the field of strategy implementation and in what way they may be completed. (Section 5)
The last section is a discussion of the limitations of the method and summary of open study questions about strategy implementation.

Slide 3. Strategy Implementation

The following definitions and concerns into account, explain strategy implementation as a iterative, dynamic and multifaceted method, which contain of a sequence of choices and actions by leaders and employees. The approaches are influenced by numerous interconnected internal and external aspects to make strategic ideas into reality so as to attain strategic aims.

There are three distinctive ideas of the term:

The first approach focuses on a process perspective and recognizes strategy implementation as a system of sensibly planned sequential steps.
The second approach takes strategy implementation as a sequence of more or less determined activities and inspects these activities from a behaviour viewpoint.

The third approach is formed by combining the process perspective and behaviour or action perspective.

Slide 4. Methodology
Pertinent and related academic, peer reviewed journals are examined to determine the factors that support or hamper operational strategy implementation. The study used selection criteria for the selection of 60 articles as part of the review. The articles include sources such as:

The Strategic Management Journal (ten articles)

The Academy of Management Journal (five articles)
The Journal of Management Studies (four articles)
Long Range Planning
Academy of Management Executive
Human Relations
Sloan Management Review
Literature files of EBSCOhost, Sciencedirect, JSTOR, , ProQuest ABI and Wiley Interscience.
Slide 5. Research Results
The current evaluations revealed two forms of strategy implementation studies:
Those emphasizing the significance of specific factors for strategy implementation
Those that highlight the big picture of by what means such features correlate and arrange a strategic implementation background.
Slide 6 and 7. Further Explanation of the review’s results
In the first flow of examination, there was an identification of nine recurrent, specific factors that affect strategy implementation. They are:
the strategy formulation process,
the strategy 11 executors (managers, employees),
the organizational structure,
the communication activities,
the level of commitment for the strategy,
the consensus regarding the strategy,
the relationships among different units/departments and different strategy levels,
the employed implementation tactics, and
the administrative system in place.

The second flow of study evaluates various factors together in a single outline or a model.

Even though the main issue’s concentration is dedicated to the learning of organizational strategy, as well as strategy implementation, there should also a connection between communication and strategy. According to Forman and Argenti, communication researchers on business have turn out to be more and more attentive in the influence of corporate communication to a business’s capacity to make and propagate its strategy in the past years.
Effective communication is an important necessity for actual strategy implementation. Organizational communication portrays a significant role in preparation, knowledge distribution and learning in the course of the progression of strategy implementation. Communication is persistent in every feature of strategy implementation, as it shares in a multifaceted approach to forming courses, organizational setting and implementation purposes which, sequentially, have an influence on the progression of implementation.

Slide 8. Final note

In the sixty articles gathered, the study revealed a summary of the research frameworks, research outcomes, theoretical bases, research approaches and logical techniques applied to deliver a general idea and future way for this essential area of management research. The review’s agenda can offer direction to practitioners and serve as a list of issues to think through before and in the course of the implementation progression.


Yang Li. et. Al. (n. d.). Making Strategy Work: A Literature Review on the Factors influencing Strategy Implementation. Retrieved from http://www.knowledge- communication.org/pdf/making-strategy-work.pdf

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