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Kant ethical approach:
Other than the utilitarian supreme beneficence principle, Kant find universally valid principles of duty and moral life beneficence principle is one of them (Kant and Immanuel, 1994). To be beneficent is duty of everyone and it had argued by Kant. For example taken a case in the organization where mycolleague helpsme outto understand the task,for which I am facing difficulty while performing it. It is a part of beneficence principle but it actually works when that colleaguehelp me without hoping for any form of personal gain thereby. In Kant’s approach beneficence duties are not precise and clear. It is only expected that one have to sacrifice some part of their welfare for the sake of benefiting others and do not expect recompense, and there is no fix limit which explain how far this duty extends.

Utilitarian ethical approach:

Consequences have handled through the utilitarian approach, this approach tries to reduce the harm by increasing the good done. The utilitarianism moral principle states that people are obligated to behave or to act so that they will achieve the greatest good for greatest number (Mill and Stuart, 1969). The whole idea behind utilitarianism is maximize utility, when you make determination about any particular course of action, one want to find the action which give greatest benefit. Sometimes you fall of in terms of happiness, pleasure versus pain but generally the idea about utility is usefulness.
Once In my company I get to know that ourcompany’s manager is considering his personal interest first bydenying the company’s and also he working for fulfilling his personal needs.It is considered as breach of his duty and also against the business ethics. Utilitarianism approach states thatjust not consider one person or oneself beyond the company but consider all people involved, all people who afford or benefited by the action must be considered to make a successful organization.

Confucian ethical approach:

Confucian’s main concern and belief is on the relationship. Particularly on human relationship, whether it would be social relationship between different people or political relationship between ruler and his subjects. This approach statesthat there is proper way for people to act or behave towards each other and everybody has different world to play depending on different types of relationship (Miller and Richard, 2004). Basic relationship Confucius stated isrelationship between father and son, husband and wife, friend and friend, ruler and subject.
Consider a particular case over this ethical approach. If I am ruler i.e. head of a particular organization I will accept that all my employees should be honest and loyal towards my organization and they do act for becoming the organization successful. But at the same time I as ruler also have to maintain loyalty towards the employees and supposed to be managed so as to set example for other people. If I will misuse my power and authorities to keep people alignthen I am not correct to be a ruler.

Virtues ethical approach:

In my personal life experience virtues ethics resonates the most where our character and behavior is very much important. What we have to do and what do not is explained by the ethical principle and it takes into account the moral agent.Most decisions taken by us are mostly depends on our emotional reactions and these reactions influence our judgments. This essential component of our moral experience is recognized by virtue ethics. It explains how moral agents would learn from the habitual practices and how good characteristic has to develop which lead towards well behavior.

Golden rule:

It states that we have to treat others same as you think to being treated in the same situation. It tells people how they should act.

Part 2:-

Now, after reading the above ethical history I as Manager (operations) of a company came up with the facts that for me controlling an organization successfully needs an ethical environment around me. There are certain important things which I got after reading this topic that ethics are not the feelings with which you work, it is the right attitude towards work or the profession you are in. it the right behavior which a person show towards any particular situation in which it is involved into. The study of the ethical theories shows that how ethics means to different kind of people in different situations. Like if we take the example of utilitarian ethical approach it shows that the person should not take oneself interest in front him, it is by considering everyone’s interest. It is the work which we do with the united collaboration of the people who are involved in it. A perfect organization example is that when everyone join hand to hand to make the organization the best one. It is not the work one man to make an ethical environment in the organization it is by the combination and activeness of all the ethical personal behavior and right attitude towards improving the management condition of the company.
Personally if I talk about my organizational culture and ethics than I found it in the ethical approach of kant where there is clear clarification what a particular person have to perform a particular duty. Where the action are not very clear and decision making process is far away from the concept of ethical history. The concept here is why should I do or help the other colleague to make him out of trouble. Why the person is above me, this is the hierarchical problem which right now my company is facing. There is totally different concept from the ethical environment. The difficulty I personally face is to make the employees united and make them to feel ethical towards and the organization. As the duties are not clear and precise to the people here, so it is quite difficult to assign and perform a particular task. This is the reason why even being having a good manpower we are unable to produce a successful results. The graph of productivity is falling day by day.


In concluding all the above facts and also comparing my own experiences I come up with the solution that bringing an ethical culture in an organization is very important to build it up and to make it a successful organization. The most suitable approach which should be applicable will be the golden rule and the utilitarian approach because concern about helping other in difficult situation reminds the position when they themselves where in trouble and some ethical person came up to help him out of it. The famous wording of old times “ when in rome. Do as the roman do” this approach will not succeed you to be an ethical person. Prevailing and ethical culture in the organization will bring the better outcome and make the backbone of the organization strong enough to face any hard times.

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