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New Jersey is a state in USA located at the northeastern and probably the middle of Atlantic region. It is bordered by the states off new yolk, Pennsylvania and Dalawe. One side on the south it bonders the Atlantic Ocean. It is estimated it’s the second richest state by the median of house hold income. It is also the most densely populated compared to the other 50 American states the general climate of New Jersey is humid therefore attracting a lot of agriculture activity. This work will evaluate the comparison of farmers and consumers in the farmer markets in New Jersey are always providing better profit margins by allowing farmers to sell their agricultural product direct to the consumers (Sarver, 2007).
The farmers in New Jersey have relatively small size farms and the direct contact with consumer have allowed the farmers to quickly adjust capitalize and production on the new markets ecosystem before the mass manufactures exploit them. There have been reported there have been an increased consumption of vegetables and fruits in this state hence more nutritional content, flavor and good taste have contributed greatly to the success of the farmers markets.
According to ( Kretovics, 2005) a survey has shown that the consumers on the other hand patronize the farmers’ market primarily due to the demand of high quality fresh produce as well as competitive prices. The farmers’ produces in the market also are affected by the changes in population, incomes and convenience to the consumers. Other demographic factors to like the house hold, distribution and ag also alter the consumption trend in a way.
New Jersey approach to agriculture by introducing direct market is very beneficial to both the consumers and the producers. Farmers view it as the best alternative outlet which their increase their income while the consumer see it a way of attaining fresher, and high quality foods at low prices. Consumers also have another advantage both cultural and social to the direct interaction with the farmer as they visit their farms and nature.
There is also need of documentation of various characteristic of direct marketing so as to serve the consumer better. The needs of consumer can be solved in direct market by analysis of the marketing consume purchasing pattern and behavior. The direct markets are run by the association of direct marketing for New Jersey farmers which is non- profit organization. This association was formed to represent the consumer and farmers interest in all agricultural products marketed directly (Sarver, 2007).
The association has several objectives that ensure interest of farmers and that of producers are represented. It aides the members to come up with new marketing strategies while developing more efficient market operation. It is also is duty to encourage and come up with leaning and research programs for the direct marketing in the state. The association also aims to address the interest and challenges of members as needed. More so, other than only promoting promotional activates it goes ahead to create communication network with other association within and beyond New Jersey
According to (Sarver, 2007) farmers in New Jersey highly motivated by various factor compared to the other places. The direct marketing promotes business socially. The direct interaction of consumers and producers is very vital as farmers known the taste their clients want. There is also monetary motivation through loans from banks that have been subsided making the cost of production to be cheap. This then translate to the cheap cost of farm products in the market. The farmers also motivated by the association of direct marketing for New Jersey through promotion and provision of new technology to improve farmers profits. The consumer main motivation in direct business is the fresh and high quality low price products in the market. The government rules of leasing land for farming is very clear on it support to farming in New Jersey.
The New Jersey direct market has a goal to create an economical sustainable community for local farmers, producers and residents of this state. The direct market supports the farmers hence promoting a healthier environment for everybody in New Jersey and beyond. This marketing approach has achieved its goal of connecting farmers with the community while giving people access to fresh fruits as well vegetables through the farmer’s market nutrition program. This marketing approach has created a stronger and healthier community. Socially this marketing strategy has achieved the social role and cultural role by connecting people, neighbors and new friends.
They are several challenges facing the direct marketing in New Jersey. The labor related problems are the top barriers that hinder direct marketing. These related labors barriers include lack of labor source, difficulty in finding personal assistance and the high cost of labor. It is also mentioned that is difficult to find good labor as well as maintenance of qualified labor is expensive. New Jersey population is large but since most people belong to high economic level labor becomes very challenging to source. In a farmer is lucky to obtain it due to the high demand the costs of maintaining the laborers are tough (Kretovics, 2005).
Another main challenge of the direct marketing is competition from supermarket as well as other marketers. This increase competition end up affecting the economy expectance of the farmer and some time it reduce the prices to low ending up causing farmer to incur cost. However, competition occur in every market but retailers can compare with wholesaler competition therefore it end up being a disadvantage to the farmers.
Limited non-capital resources which are time and land was also a challenge to the marketing strategies. Most willing people to engage in farming either lack land to venture in will some other time is limited and they are preoccupied by other activities to earn the daily bread.
Other minor challenges to the direct farmers market include location, market related issues (advertising, attracting new customers and display), government regulation and policy involving taxation and insurance. This minor factor affects farmer or vendors differently and also pull down the profits expected hence should be addressed.
The direct market also opportunities that drive the business a head all the time. The expansion and diversification is one of the best opportunity granted by direct marketing as most farm want to expand to high heights and diversify their retail operations. Expansion by most farms includes agri-tourism product line so as to try crop mix, introduction of ornamental plants sales grown in green houses. Some farmers have also shown to have a will to go to product value addition, internet orders.
Most farmer are diversifying their retail operation by finding larger farms as well as increasing their operation time the other vital opportunity is the more marketing resulting from this operations of producer –consumer direct interaction.
In conclusion, this new approach of marketing has increasingly industrialized the new jersey state and its development is seen completely replace the old methods in marketing farmers product especially fresh vegetables and fruits. Direct marketing has become an important source of income to the New Jersey state. There should be more attention to the marketing and business running to ensure future profitability as well as success.


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