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Published: 2020/12/01

The Vanderbilt News website features and article about a documentary that will be shown about Sam Philips. The page is well organized and uses to columns. The space on the page is well organized and clean. There is not erroneous or distracting information on the page. The heading clearly shows that it is a Vanderbilt University webpage and offers links to other areas of the Vanderbilt website which is convenient for students. The user could also easily identify where to find other articles and resources through the news site.
The title is bold and easy to read. It features large black font on a white background which makes it pop out to the reader. It also sums up in a succinct manner exactly what the article is about. The author and the date of publication are also clearly denoted in a much smaller font that does not detract from the title. The author’s name is in blue which tells the viewer it serves as a link to other articles the author has written.
The visual of a poster from the documentary is located in the text of the article to the left. Compared to the title of the article it is small in comparison. The placement within the text does not do it justice. In order to capture the audience’s attention it would have been better in the picture was larger and perhaps coupled with the title of the article or given its own place to standout in the article.
The font of the article is an appropriate size not too small and not too large. Embedded within the article to the lower right (which balances the image of the poster) is a statement about the organization that is screening the documentary and sets down the purpose for the screening of the documentary. The font of the quote is light gray, compared to the solid black of the title and article. The font is also somewhat delicate and not in keeping with the other styles of font used in the article. It appears weak and unimportant compared to the rest of the page.
The article and its content occupy approximately two-thirds of the left side of the page. The other third to the right offers a social media area where the viewer can connect with friends and send out information about the article and event. The space is also a light gray-blue but the icons for the social media sights standout and are easily recognized. This is very convenient, especially for college student who may want to make an evening out with friends for the event. Below the social media links is a list of other articles available on the site. Beneath the article is a discussion board that is easy to read and highlighted on a light blue/gray background. Each comment is easy to read but the use of dark gray font on the gray background for navigation makes it a little muddled looking.
Overall, the page is clean and easy to read and navigate. It is a standard organization for this type of article. It is a little lackluster considering it is advertising a documentary about a pioneer of rock and roll. A little more color or more images from the documentary would more appealing. It seems that it is a basic formula that the writers just type into and post. The style is consistent with other pages on the website, but frankly is unimaginative and boring. It looks like a small town local newspaper’s website and not a page for a major university.

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