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Dear Mr. William Thomson,
I am writing this letter to inform you of the two Art work and would like to purchase. The two art work will be used by the people of today to communicate information both either spiritually or in the field of marketing.

Richard Riemerschmid, cloud ghosts, 189

The art of Richard Riemerschmid , cloud ghost present a dark environment , this is sow as the clouds have been have been given a dark color with some parts of the cloud shining brown providing a seen of very deem light trying to penetrate through the thick clouds giving it a shiny appearance. Towards the end of the right side of the painting and close to the center is a moon. At the far right side of the moon but at the top of the frame is very dark and no clouds can be seen. However the left side of the painting is composed of more clouds and they are not that dark due to the effect experienced as a result of the interaction of the clouds and the light from the moon. Just observing the clouds located just ahead of the clouds of the moon. The clouds have formed an image of two people. One image seems to be chasing the other with an intention of getting hold of her.
The image on the run is definitely a female due to the observed hair that seems to be blown away by the wind as a result of running. The image behind her (the one on the act of chasing) is likely to be a male person. This is based in the fact that he has a short hair and body seems to be masculine. Closely looking the cloud formation the man is kind of catching up with the lady as his legs can be seen coinciding with the hind legs of the lady. His two hands have been extended forward and are almost touching the back of the lady. The lady seems to be losing her balance. This is seen as she is trying to find her balance by extending her two hands in the front and at the same time trying to confirm how far the man is from her by checking behind her when in motion. Keenly looking at the ladies head there are some three spots that are brighter than other parts of the head, these three parts are actually her mouth, and the two eyes while closely looking the man’s head, there is an extension below his head which is possibly his beards. Apart from the scene of the man and the lady on the sky six very shinny objects can also be seen on the sky, however they are not that clear due to the fact that they have been blocked by the clouds. This shinny objects are possibly the stars.
The art of Richard Riemerschmid is an important art work because it conveyed the message of the presence of evil in the world. It tried to explain that something evil is something that cannot be touched and that’s why the clouds used to symbolize that as they can’t be physically touched. This art work is very important for the development of the art work in German/ Australia in that, the work can be used in the today world for Christianity. The art work can be used to convey to the believers that if they don’t follow the Godly way and opt for the evil way, after their death, their soul will be claimed by the evil when they rise to heaven and it can be assumed that the lady on the run is running from the devil whop wants thon claim her soul because of her evil way of life when she was still on earth. Hence art work can have an interaction with the religion.

Koloman Moser, Zuckerkandl, arm chair, 1904

The arm chair is painted cream and has been given a white background to help the viewers to be in a position to identify the color of the chair and not to confuse it with a white color. The chair has three of its side closed, the back, and the right and left sides. The three sides are blocked by the wooden bars which run vertically from the base of the chair to the top. The chair cubic in shape with the sitting point placed at the center of the chair inters of height. The setting point of the chair is cushion furnished in fabrics with designs that are geometric of black and cream surface with a repeated squire motif. The back side of the chair is composed of nine wooden bars running horizontally with the ends are the horizontal bars placed at the top and bottom. The right side of the chair is composed of nine bars that also run horizontally. At the end of both top and bottom of the vertical wooden bars are the horizontal bars that run from front to back of the chair. The left side of the chair is also composed of nine bars that run vertically with their top and bottom ends consisting of the horizontal bars that run from the front top the back of the chair. Observing keenly below the chair is the shadow of the chair the shadow is directed towards the right an indication that the light is on the left side of the chair. The front side of the chair is left with no bars. This is a point for entrance incase person wants to sit. The clearly observable black squire from the front view is four and the observable black squires at the same front view are also four. From the top view, the chair has a combination of fifty three squires.
The art work communicated beauty. The pattern used on the seat and the choice of color presented the beauty nature of the seat. The modern world of today, the art work can be used as a means of promotion. Through this art work the feature of a property can be presented without the real item being present. This art work represents the type of furniture that was made during the old time. However the design of the art work can be used to in the modern world of today. This is to say, this art work can be used to possible design the modern arm chairs that exists today and their history of this modern arm chair is linked with the old art designs. Through the old art designs is the foundation of the new art design seen in the world of today.

The similarity and the differences

The similarity of the art works is that both the two art work can be used in the modern world to convey a message to the today’s generation. The observable difference is that the art work by Richard Riemerschmid can possibly be used in the religious world of today, mainly in teaching the believers on the consequences of evil deeds while on the other hand the art by Koloman Moser, Zuckerkandl can be used by the entrepreneurs of today in the marketing sector, this is through presenting the art work for the customers to see the product on sale instead of displaying the real product.
Calvin Omondi.


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