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Chapter II – Warnings

Post-war, the world is quiet and sad. Buildings are devastated, shopping centers are in ruins, the nature seems dead and the city that does not sleep is now paralyzed. Ergun Fali agreed to meet me in the grey, post-war area that used to be the Forest Park in New York. I had information that he came to U.S. right when the zombie crisis ignited in Iran and I searched for him, asking for his account on the zombie issue. Choosing U.S. as his destination for fleeing Iraq was the best option for Ergun, previously a strong personality in the Iranian government, having access to information about a nuclear weapons and zombie attack.

How come you left Iran?

I felt trapped. As a member of the Iranian government I had access to important information, including the nuclear weapons program. This program could have threatened the existence of the world and I was decided to collaborate with Unites States for stopping my country to ever launching the weapons. I had been in contact with U.S. international security officers for almost a year and I was planning a visit to Washington, D.C. for further discussing the program. Yet, an unexpected event occurred, which changed the initial purpose of my visit to U.S.
The Iranian government had clear and consistent information about a strange epidemic, originating in the rural areas, which was rapidly spreading in the urban environment. It was said that some people’s eyes sparkled oddly and they had frozen expressions, presenting human bites on their bodies. The infections were transmitted through saliva or blood and produced through human bites. The Iranian doctors were testing the infested individuals with high protection equipment and armed guards were assisting them. In short time the epidemic took immense proportions, and each day more people were infested with this virus. We decided to build special camps for gathering all affected individuals, in order to maintain the infection under control.
Did you see the camps?
I only knew that the works on deploying such camps had begun. I left Iran before seeing them with my own eyes. But I know for sure that United Nations was behind this program together with my government. The U.N. provided secret funds for researching the causes that generated the strange pandemic and contributing to building the camps was part of the invesmtent.
Did you ever see them in Iran?

The zombies?

I did. I was involved in a commission assigned to investigate the strange zombie virus. Isolated cases were signaled in small villages in the West of the country, near the Iraq border. Initially we suspected that the Americans deliberately generated the virus that would turn people into walking ghosts, as a reaction to the Iranian nuclear program. I participated in the documentation on the zombie issue, which was taking place in governmental labs. The zombie research was conducted by local scientists and doctors who were extremely curious about the infection, but in the same time very frightened, as they were facing a new form of life, which was practically not alive.
One week before coming to America this strange case was brought to my attention. I was informed that my presence was requested in an urgent state meeting for discussing a matter that was threatening the national security. Obviously, I thought that the meeting would be about the nuclear weapons. Instead, the meeting was held not in a governmental room, but in a national laboratory. It was the first time I saw the people with the strange eyes watching me inanimately. I knew very little about the issue until then and for me, the individuals brought in for study seemed normal people. Up until one of the two young men got up, came close to the window very fast, and started raging, like an animal in a cage. I remember I took a step back instinctively, although the thick glass of the cell in which the two were kept could not be broken.
The Ministry of National Defense, present at the meeting, then stated: “Gentlemen, this is a national threat. These creatures are humans, like you and me, infected with a strange virus. One bite and you become one of them. What do you make of this, Ergun?”, he asked me. “We must analyze it”, I said without haste. “Are they dangerous?”, I asked. Right after my question, a team of six men, two doctors and four armed soldiers, entered the premises of the two quarantined zombies. The six men were wearing special suits, meant to avoid any contact with the infected individuals. One of the creatures advanced towards the new entrants, opening his mouth with the clear intention of biting. He walked in a shivering manner, with his hands reaching towards the closest man; the zombie was dragging his limbs along with the quaking movement. Two of the armed soldiers advanced towards him, and one of them hit the creature in the forehead with his gun. The other two soldiers accompanied the scientists to the seated creature, immobilizing the creature. This one was peaceful, did not even move as if he was not actually there. The seated creature was a young boy, aged 12, while the violent one was a young adult, aged 23, according to their identity documents. The boy rested calmly while the scientists extracted a sample of his blood for analysis. In the meantime, the raged creature got up from the hit and aggressively attacked the armed men. Orders were given to shut him. The soldiers started firing at him, but he kept on walking towards them, as if the bullets had no effect on him. One of the soldiers standing next to the scientists also fired, reaching for his head. The zombie never got up again. The team of six immobilized the body and carried it outside the room for further studies.

Was this incident connected with the reason for which you left Iran?

More or less, yes. The zombie cases were advancing in Iran and the government decided to build the camps for gathering all these creatures, which were threatening the life in Iran. I was in charge of coordinating the process of identifying the source of the epidemic, to understand what generated it. But the time was not on our side, as the zombie attack was virulent. I recommended using the nuclear weapons for eradicating the zombies, gathered in the zombie camps. I knew that it had to be done; otherwise the entire human race would be replaced by zombies. It was the best thing to do, but it would confirm the existence of the nuclear weapons. At that point it did not matter anymore, because the zombies were a greater threat for the entire humanity. Using a dangerous weapon for destroying dangerous creatures seemed like the right thing to do. But I did not want my family to be trapped in this picture so I fled to U.S. and remained here ever since.

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