Example Of Essay On How The Future Of Social Media Is Like?

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Since the advent of the internet the world has transformed into a global village, and the existence of social media is like a bright red cherry on top of a fresh cream cake. It wouldn’t be vague to say that social media has rapidly transformed social communication over the last 5 to 7 years. Social media provides a platform for the users to interact with anyone anywhere in this world. Now you may witness two totally unknown people, sitting in two different parts of the world, with different citizenships, race, and creed, etc. discussing the same issues on a common platform—eventually turning into friends who share common hobbies and interest regardless of the distance between them. Social media has proven to trigger the global conversation with websites likes Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus, MySpace, and Facebook, etc. in merely a few years. Particularly, social media has brought about a social revolution in the world, made people think critically, opened their minds to new horizons and in short, in one way or the other changed their lives to a great extent. Let us plunge into how social media will change lives of people in coming years. (The Guardian, 2013)
The power of social media networks compels you! Your entire social live is just a click or a tap away. With so much control in your hand, you just cannot say out of the ‘scene’. Following are some of the applications which are shaping the current social media network:


Made to attract the teenagers Snapchat has evolved from a brilliant concept – an ephemeral messaging application where texts, photos, and videos simply vanish after they’re viewed – into a full-scale social media platform.
Snapchat is the future of social media, and the closest platform to real social life as critics would say where anything you share disappears after a short time. It’s just like the conversation we have with our friends, colleagues or family, the words and sound evaporate in the air and we’re left with nothing but the memory!
While purely conjectural, it will be fun to anticipate how social media will evolve in the future, especially the marketing tools. Over the coming years, social media will totally change the nature of business. The keyword for social media here is “connect”. Social media makes big data even bigger! Big data refers to the amalgamation of maximum customer related information as you can have. It is necessary for any business to know about its customers. The more you know about them, the more and easier it will be to connect with them. By conglomerating personalized customer information with the power of social media, you can create well targeted, and robust data driven marketing tools in real time. Author and social media writer Mark Schaefer estimates that by 2020, data will increase by 600 percent and 75 percent of which will be created by customers, not businesses as predicted by Dev Basu, founder and CEO of Powered by Search, that as data becomes more materialized, social media platforms will have to public their data. (Emarketer, 2015)
As every social media network has its own charm and uniqueness, so does every app has. It will be very vague to say that only a very few “complete” apps will take over other 123,000+ apps in the future. Since we use every application for the purpose that it serves and saturating it with ‘extra’ features will do nothing but ruin the essence of the app. For example, if Instagram comes up with status updates feature, what would be the difference between Instagram and other social networks e.g. Facebook? So it will not be sensible to predict of a “complete” social media app.
According to an estimate by eMarketer, out of 10 US companies nearly nine with at least 100 employees used social networks for marketing activities in 2012. With every company making its mark in social media, a question arises- how much room will be left for growth? Social media marketing has reached a saturation point. The main idea of social media is to connect people with each other, share their daily experiences and save the memories. As the number of companies using social media as a marketing tool the space for social media users to connect with other users is narrowing. This could affect the social media platform very badly in near future. Because after a long day at the office when a person comes back home, logs into his facebook account- he would wish to see something that would brighten him up for example entertainment memes or videos. All the big companies are responsible for saturating the social media. And this is a high time when only advertiser who connects with the audience/customer will get the business.
Corporations and institutions can use transparency an opportunity and also an obligation.However, individuals aren't bound to use transparency either as an opportunity or an obligation. The obligation lies with the individuals only to safeguard and contain their personal information.. If we consider individual’s for the use of social media this cannot be said that ‘transparency will be taken over privacy’. Those Companies have experience to be more profitable and competitive which follow transparency and ethical. (Tapscott, 2015)
Not only transparency is just an opportunity for institutes and companies to develop a relationship of trust and become more effective it is an assumption that the more an individual is transparent the more moral and honest his ethics and behavior will be. But this assumption could be wrong to an extent. The term introduced in opposition to this is radical transparency, which was initially applied to individuals but later adopted by individuals.

So in the near future-- let’s say 5 years, we can see Radical Transparency but transparency alone cannot replace privacy.

Since big corporations are in a race to dominate the market through different social media platforms, which are somewhat impossible—the only possibility is when they create products, which are efficient, enough to create another more + efficient product and that product is efficient enough to make more efficient product and so on This is how one can dominate the market.
A human mind is capable of coping up with the changes. If we look 10 years back, we had no smart phones and maybe only a very few would have thought of it. Changes come, and our mind is designed in a way that it readily accepts the innovation. So, if we have accepted changes that we had anticipated 10 years back, we would accept the changes we go through in next 10 years and beyond. This is how social media will be affecting our lives in the future, not just institutions and companies but each and every individual in every sphere of his life.

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