Female Discrimination In The Workplace Essay Examples

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Published: 2020/12/19

In this day and age, when the importance of female education is being realized even in the most under-developed countries, women are advancing in every field known to mankind. Women are now flying fighter planes, heading multinational organizations and leading nations into success. In every organization, the ratio of female employees is ratcheting up by each day that passes, thus increasing the role being played by women in the organizations of today. However, although organizations claim to have a completely discrimination-free selection process and work environment, the applicability of this principle undergoes great skepticism given the increasing number of cases of discrimination and harassment against women employees being reported.
Female discrimination starts at the very beginning of the employment process. When the candidates are being shortlisted, and the pay negotiation stage arrives, there is a tendency for the employers to offer lesser pay to the females than to males. This is completely unjust considering that both males and females are applying for the same position and are expected to do the same volume of work. Both males and females should be offered the same pay scale if justice is to be allowed to prevail.
Moreover, equality of opportunity is also of the essence. While it is understandable that the nature of some jobs demand male employees, rejecting female candidates merely on the basis that females offer distraction in offices is completely outrageous. A few months ago, a university in India banned the entrance of female students in the library because they apparently distracted the male students and because, the education of boys was more important than girls. If this thinking is allowed to prevail, it will definitely dominate the workplace also. Therefore, there is a need to change the mindset of the society, in general.
Harassment at the workplace is yet another form of female discrimination. This is because the employers should stay alert to such situations and develop a proper reporting mechanism for such activities so that action can be taken against harassment. To let this issue fester and ignoring it is also a part of female discrimination in the workplace. While laws against workplace harassment have been passed, their implementation remains in the hands of the victim and the employer. Harassment involves uninvited sexual advances by male workers, lewd comments or other inappropriate behavior. It is better that action and harassment are brought to the notice of the employers before the victim resorts to filing a suit. This is because the reputation of the firm can be injured by such an incident if the victim claims that the higher-ups were bent upon ignoring the issue at hand.
Given that the numbers of female workers in every kind of organization are increasing by the day, it is time that all organizations make their workplaces discrimination free. More women are being educated today, and these educated women will also make their way to the workplaces in the near future and will contribute enormously to the economy of the country. If their potential and talent has to be tapped effectively, they need to be provided with a workplace that is free of all kinds of discrimination so that they are provided equality of compensation, as well as an opportunity.

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