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Last week, I attended a live concert dance performance in New York City. The concert was a joyous experience. With five renowned performers, the dance hall was filled up. There were performances from artists of all walks of life. Both local and international artists performed. This provided an opportunity to learn other cultures through the art of stage performance. The performances were unique, lively and presented wider cultural differences ranging from dance styles to costumes used. In addition to the performers, the audience were also from various communities and countries. This also presented another opportunity to interact directly with different people and observe different cultures. Dancing is an art that has been used for centuries to convey messages and entertain people; its nature and purpose have greatly changed (Veitch 12)
Attending the concert was a lively moment. I saw various artistic styles and performances that I had never seen before. The upcoming artists showed great capabilities and the potential of young people. Their performances were good and skillful. I liked the concert because it gave such artists an opportunity to show off their performances to a bigger audience. Being a promoter of human prosperity, I felt that the concert was worth attending. Also, the internationally renowned artists performed with experience and skill. They kept the audience alive and entertained throughout the concert. Their skills were worth emulating to the aspiring artists. Moreover, they brought the skills and theory learned in art class to practice. This was very helpful to the class performance and understanding of the concept from a practical perspective. It also presented an opportunity to critic stage performances; which can contribute towards offering training to the artists to improve the quality of performances. This was a business opportunity that can be exploited after completion of the art class. Most of the performers had some weaknesses that need to be highlighted and corrected.
The quality of performance was good, but not satisfactory. Cultural diversity at the concert was very good. The experience and skills of some artists were of high-quality. However, some performers had weaknesses that lowered the quality performance. The weaknesses were notable from the knowledge acquired in class. This class is very interesting in addition to making the learners more knowledgeable. It is the best decision I made in registering for the class. It helps me analyze performances from a different perspective; that ordinary audiences cannot. Some performances may look interesting to the ordinary audience but have weaknesses to someone with the knowledge acquired in this class. On the other hand, some performances may have hidden messages that may be hard for ordinary audience to understand; thus leaving them wondering the intent of the performer. With the knowledge acquired in this class, understanding properly hidden messages in a performance becomes very easy. During the live concert, a few performers delivered coded messages that left many people unsure of the actual message. For instance, the person sited next to me during the concert did not understand some aspects of the performance. She asked me many questions regarding the performance. Able to answer all her queries about things that seemed obvious, helped me appreciate more this class. I looked back to the concerts I attended before enrolling in this class and surely understood how important this knowledge is.
Moreover, the Art of dance taught in this class is very important. It helps many students who aspire to make full-time career in dancing. This will help such students have high quality skills on the performing stage. Secondly, it is very useful to the students who just want to learn the art of dancing for pleasure purposes. The history of dancing dates many centuries ago. It has improved progressively over generations. The skill of dance has also changed from traditional dance to modern type of dance. The nature of dances has also greatly changed. This requires new changes to professional dancers and those who dance for fun. History is nice—it gives human being information about the past human activities. Human beings learn better from their past events; to improve on the achievements made and correct the weaknesses made in the past. Therefore, learning ancient dancing styles has been memorable and lively class. In the class, dancing styles taught are very applicable in most areas of human life. Dance is practiced in many activities; aware or unaware. What differs is the nature of dance and the purpose. The class has helped in identifying various dance styles played in different places and events across the country.
Dancing is an important art practiced in various places and many events for purposes of entertainment and passing certain messages (Veitch 45). It has been used in various events over many years. The art of dance is fun in itself. Additionally, it helps in the passing of coded messages that cannot be expressed directly thus leaving the audience to make own interpretations. It has changed greatly from the studio to the performance stage. The class has brought deep understanding of the art in a different perspective hence enabling the learners enjoy dance as well as analyze the real and unspoken motive of the dance.

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