Example Of Dissertation Proposal On Explanation Of The Rhetorical Situation

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Published: 2020/11/28

Business Report Topic

The current era of industrialization is extremely sophisticated and complex due to high competition. High Competition is the only element that usually creates absurd situations for the companies in all over the world, and makes them ineffective as far as their going concerns is concerned. Therefore, it is more than essential for the companies to have new strategies at par in order to compete with all the other organizations.
One of the major affects of losing the market share is on the decreasing and depleting net income of a company, and it will also affect over its floating share as well. Enterprises should employ powerful strategies to keep the effectiveness of their shares high merely to have the interest of the shareholders at a higher place. Corporations should have the knowledge regarding the continuously changing market of the world in which innovation is the only thing from which two different companies can be differentiated accordingly.
This proposed case will also introduce the same situation of flagging stocks of a chosen organization. It includes the main reasons behind the flagging stocks, its complete analysis and then having some strong recommendations from which these problems will be completely eliminated from the operations of the company.

Description of Proposed Case

The case which is selected for this analysis is of RIM Company that manufactures one of the top notch brands of the world “BlackBerry”. The company produced infrared LED Display boards for General Electric Company, apart from the BlackBerry cell phones. The case relates to the depleting market share of the company that has a direct impact over its financial position as well.
The proposed case is all about retaliating with the intensifying level of competition, which is creating lots of ineffectiveness and problems for the Company in order to retaining their competitive position in the market. The proposed case will look over the entire scenario of RIM Company and their strategic view about its best product which is BlackBerry Cell Phones.
It is also observed that lots of people including the target marketed people of BlackBerry are now moving towards the utilization of other brands that decreases the entire capacity of the company, resultantly flagging the market share of the company. Research in Motion Limited (RIM) has now changed their name to BlackBerry Limited is a Canadian telecommunication and wireless equipment company that best known for the general public as a profound developer of the brand of Blackberry smart-phones and tablets. The company had a market share of nearly 43% in the United States in the year 2010, is now in deep trouble due to low innovative products as compared to other emerging brands like Apple and Samsung. The company reported net loss in the year 2013 of US$ 646 million, which is clearly seeing that the financial as well as share position of the company is flagging heavily. This particular case will look over the same situation in details that is the level of competition was the only thing due to which this problem persists for RIM or is there any other reason which is creating problem for them.

Increasing net income and escalating market share are some of the major elements that found very positive and interactive for an organization as far as increasing the effectiveness of an organization are concerned. However, the main thing lies for a company in its existence for a long span of time. For the existence of a company as powerful and economically active, it is very important for them to surrender their position particularly. Increasing the market share is extremely important and effective for the sake of an organization as far as retaining their position in the market with a positive mindset, and it is very important for them to maintain significance in their operations.
The case which has been selected for the same analysis is related with the depleting financial situation of a chosen company. RIM Company which is having a tough time in their execution and compete their position against other companies showed its inability in terms of managing their financial operations in a best possible manner. This particular rhetorical situation is very problematic for the company for their long runs sustainability because staying competitive in terms of products and financial function is the main objective of almost every organization of the world, and unfortunately RIM is losing its competitive position from the market.
However, the room of effectiveness is still very high for the company, as business professionals still preferred BlackBerry Smartphone on any other brands because some of its features and characteristics. But, it will not go in the same way for a long span of time because companies like Apple, Samsung and even Google Inc are now coming with their strong brands and applications to give a real tough time to the products of the RIM Company. Due to the escalating competition and creation of problems for BlackBerry, the company started to lose the value of their stocks and left the investors extremely dissatisfied from the movement of the company. One of the major problems associated with this depleting situation of BlackBerry attains with their ineffectiveness to maintain the competitive position of the company in the market. The company didn’t come up with innovative and powerful ideas to foster their existing products. On the other hand, the competitors like Apple Inc, Samsung and Google Nexus came with strong features, applications and software with big screen in their Smartphone.
One of the main reasons behind flagging the stock market of Blackberry is that the company didn’t pay any attention in making and coming up with their own software. The company only worked to launch new brands with the same features, software and application, which is not the requirement in the current technological scenario, as people now want something new in their life. Apart from that, there are some other reasons as well due to which the stock market of Blackberry affected heavily, and the same will be furnished in this particular research report comprehensively. Apart from identifying the problems and have a detailed and critical analysis over the situation of the company, it is also very important to give powerful recommendations to the company from which they can successfully opt out from this problem positively.

Analysis of the Audience’s Problem/Situation and Choices

This report will look over one of the most critical situations for the organizations in the current economic scenario which is to retaining their competitive position intact. The scenario has look over the same thing accordingly to their functionality of a chosen company with the name of RIM. RIM made a perfect brand which is now starting to lose its stock market due to the arrival of new brands of different companies operating in the same production cycle.
The audience which will get benefit from this entire subjective and detailed analysis is the management officials of the company, who will get insight knowledge and understandings of the competition stance which is hampering in their growth. Apart from that, there is yet another important audience which will be taken into account for the analysis purpose which is the investor or the researcher for the company. Both existing and potential investors are the audience of the company which is analyzing the problem and the issues that may create problems for them in the near future.

Closing Researching and Analyzing

The specific criteria that will be used in this particular analysis performed through the utilization of Qualitative Analysis. Detailed information related to the operations of the company would have been analyzed accordingly in the market. There are two important options that will be analyzed in this particular analysis. The first option is about to analyze the reasons behind the flagging of the stock market of the company, and the second option is to give powerful, effective and timely recommendations which are essential for the economic growth of the company and retaining their competitive position like the same.
Analyzing both of these features and line of options is not easy, however having a detailed and insight knowledge of numerous aspects will certainly make us easier for us to have the analysis according to the same aspect. Therefore selecting the criteria of Qualitative Analysis will certainly make us able to generate powerful ideas from this line of research and analysis and give the best result to the management of the company to revive their position again in the market. Our main focus is to retain the position of RIM competitive, along with identifying the rooms for opportunities to flourish their markets while having powerful competitors on their heads. We will not focus on the preliminary actions which the company should opt to increase the level of their net profit, but we will focus on the new strategies which the company should adopt in order to expel out from the current problematic situations.

Audience Analysis

The audience in this scenario will be the management officials of the company which are having a real tough time for the company due to this increasing amount of competition in the market. The main reason behind the selection of Management officials as the primary audience for this analysis is that management official is the one that interlinks with the strategic as well as the financial position of a company, as they are the one who make, execute and implement the strategies for the company to maintain their well being in the market. Same situation is applied over the Blackberry brand, as the rooms for improvement and further effectiveness are still there which can assist the company to revive their operations again and can paddle up their growth again like before.

Description of Primary and Secondary Audience

The audience of this particular analysis has been bifurcated into two different categorizes which are primary audience and secondary audience. The primary audience in this particular scenario is the management officials of RIM, which is creating one of the most powerful brands in the Smartphone industry, BlackBerry.
On the other hand, the secondary audience in this particular analysis will be the investors who are looking forward to jump out from the scenario of the company and bought some pure evidences from which they can retain their position. Apart from that, we will also specific fruitful recommendations for those investors which are wishing to park their money within the stocks of the company.
The background knowledge of the primary audience is remarkable as they are the think tanks of the company, and they have ample experience to run the company; however there are some major points which they have completed missed out from the operations which are creating ineffectiveness and problems for the company. On the other hand, the educational and experience background of the secondary audience is also very strong; however they should be advised completely over the applicability of the company and maintaining its investment position accordingly in the market.

Work Plan

The work plan of this entire research report will be defining through a perfect and detailed Gantt chart in which all the stages will be defining accordingly along with the days that will be used to complete each of the stage. The Gantt chart of this research plan or report is as follows


I have a major in Economics and have a detailed idea about the econometric and different financial models that can be used by a researcher to analyze the stock market capability of a company. With the help of these sophisticated and powerful models, I will certainly become ale to complete this research report in a plausible manner. Knowledge and information is the main power for an individual to complete a task, and I have both to complete this research report about the stock market analysis for RIM. Through my extensive knowledge of economics and finance, I am also capable of making fruitful and timely recommendations to both the primary and secondary audience of this research report from which they can revive their operations accordingly again and will be on the same momentum and growth path like before. Therefore, I think that I am capable of doing and complete this research report.

Resources Required Completing the Project

Data is the main source which is required in the completion of this project. Data will be collected through the annual reports of the company along with the data that found over the stock market of the company. Apart from that, we will also used different economics and finance books to have a detailed knowledge related to the analysis of the stock market of RIM Company, and their brand execution while having number of competitors in the market.
Annotated Bibliography
Annotated Bibliography is one of the major parts of referencing analysis for a research report. It requires including the major books and resources in details which have been used while making the paper.
Dave Mabe. Blackberry Hacks: Tips & Tools for your Mobile Office. McGraw Hill. (2005)
The book has written by Dave Mabe in the year 2005 with a major emphasize on the workability, characteristics and functionality of Blackberry for the officer usage. We have used this book to get a detailed idea about the working employs by Blackberry in their core functionality.
Parson, David. Innovation in Mobile Technologies and Applications. John Wiley & Sons. (2008)
The book “Innovation in Mobile technologies and Application” is used in this particular research paper, in which details of mobile phones and its technologies are duly, included which are essential for the application and analysis. It includes the application of Blackberry mobile phones as well, and it is the main reason why we have selected this book into consideration for this analysis.
Hu, Wen, Chen. Selected Readings on Electronics Commerce Technologies. Saga Publications (2008)
This book has been selected due to its remarkable content on the electronic commerce in which the authors also have a detailed discussion on the outdated and current technological efficiencies. The main reason behind selecting this particular technology in the discussion is simple, which is to have detailed outline like why Mobile Phones like Black Berry were became outdated.
Yahoo Finance. RIM Company Financial Highlights.(2000-2014). Retrieved from < http://finance.yahoo.com/q?s=RIMM>
A detailed financial analysis has been included in the research report, and all the numbers have been taken from the official website of Yahoo Finance. It is included just to get an idea regarding the financial problems and downturns envisaged by the RIM Company during their operations in competing with the other similar companies.

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