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Across the world, there are a number of places that attract millions of visitors each year. These locales are interesting for various reasons that can range from their mysterious origins, to their sheer size. A number of these places are located throughout Europe. With that in mind, the Roman Coliseum is known as an attraction that holds the attention of those who have the opportunity to stand in its wonder. Looking at this history of this monument, it is clear why this massive structure is still a significant tourist attraction.
The Roman Coliseum is located in a central area within the city of Rome. The structure itself took more than a decade to complete as it was started in 70 A.D. and finished in the year 80 A.D. What is seen today is a mere shell of the great structure that was built centuries ago. The Roman coliseum is an interesting aspect of the Roman history because it was the arena in which many different contests were played. Think of the sports arenas that are used today to host the Super Bowl or the World Series. In ancient times, that action occurred in only one place: the Roman Coliseum.
The instructions to develop the structure were given by the emperors that ruled Rome during the Flavian dynasty. The two main individuals that are credited with this buildings development are Vespasian and his successor, Titus. This building holds a central part in the Roman culture, which continues on today in some respects. To better understand why this location is so prominently known, one must start with a look at the reason why it was created.
The Roman coliseum was developed to be the center of attention for major events in the Roman Empire. The structure was used for episodes of what were considered sport during those times: executions, gladiator battles and other spectacles. The move Gladiator that starred Russell Crowe is a popular example of just how central this building was to all that were in Rome.
Still, one of the most impressing factors of this building is the architectural ingenuity it represents for the creators and builders during that time. The Roman Coliseum is a large structure but take into account the fact that in the time of its construction, the technology that is available today wasn’t even dreamt about. At its height, this location could hold nearly 80,000 people. This is akin to some of the larger stadiums that are found throughout the world today. Below the main structure was the lower level where many of the athletes and animals were held before competition. This network of holding cells and tunnels were created in such a way that the slaves and animals could be moved around quickly and easily in preparation for an event. This building is a modern marvel when it is understood the sheer difficulty it was to build a structure such as this for the people that lived during this time.
There are a number of movies, television shows and other pieces of media that use the Roman Coliseum as a backdrop. However, this structure itself deserves a full documentary. The cultural significance and marvelous architecture behind the building make this a location that is worth a visit by millions of people each year. Even though a number of grotesque atrocities occurred within this building’s walls, that does not take away from the fact that this is a marvel that is worth respecting, even as today’s civilization continues to build skyscrapers that touch the clouds.

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