The East Action Vs. Gandhi's Perspective Movie Reviews Example

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Twists and turns, and sometimes ups and downs are what life is all about. That has always been a challenge to all people so that the future cannot be seen. Sometimes people believe that not knowing about one’s future is something that gives life meaning and purpose. This is probably because it makes you understand yourself better. Seeing oneself in another person’s eyes will also help you understand yourself better. Mahatma Gandhi’s book, “A very short introduction”, and a movie called “The East” will provide us with the background knowledge to assist in this self-reflection. The essence of this reflection is to motivate and encourage people to be better persons. Gaining insight into the perspective Gandhi had about Life in relation to the movie so that the self-reflection can be more meaningful to the person is also a part of this essay endeavors(Olson and Fromm-reed 55).
The movie starts with a group made up by teenagers who happened to be brave enough to fight against an oppressing force, the corporation which saw to the harm of society. Powerless people are oppressed by the effects of the harm brought by the corporation which brings about the great intention of The East to come to help these poor folk. Nevertheless, they are violent and unethical and are a risk as they are potential for bringing more harm than good. Gandhi, on the other hand, says (Parekh 245), “When people’s minds filled with anger and violence, they usually end up masking the wound or making it worse.” The East and the corporation were no different. Their means of achieving goals was hunting or killing others. The corporation was seen disposing the waste plants intentionally into the streams that were sources of water because they wanted to gain more profits resulting in poisoning killing many innocent people around the world.
Value of human life is also something that the two differ on. The corporation attaches no value to life and seems to wish to meet his own ends even if it means sacrificing a life. They differ because the intentions of the East are good. Though they have been masked with the violence that accompanies them they are more harmful than they could ever be useful. Doing violence against the corporation, however, does not make the East sacred criminals or more different than the corporation. Violence is still violence. Gandhi claims that (Parekh 259), “The sense of humanity consisted in the recognition of the fundamental ontological fact that human well-being was indivisible, that in degrading and brutalizing other human beings degraded and brutalized themselves, and that they could not sustain a shared collective life without a spirit of mutual concern.” The East can provide to solve the problem is by creating a more ethical solution toward the problem rather than going into all-out war to satisfy revenge. This will also reduce degrading themselves by viewing themselves equally as evil as the corporation (Olson and Fromm-reed 58).


The extreme actions that the East has employed have been viewed as unreliable and have potential to claim many innocent lives. The movie displays lots of extreme action scenes which are insecure without a backup plan. Gandhi is up against violence especially if it is one fueled by anger and revenge. More violence is the outcome and even if the intentions behind the violence are good, it ends up being equally dangerous as the evil it was fighting. Therefore, the best way to solve matters without causing fear and alarm is through amiable understandings which do not refer to violence to solve matters.

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