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1) Many individuals prefer to explain a problem using a cultural approach rather than a genetic approach. These individuals do not believe that people do mistake because it is in their genes. Our cultural mistakes will always be as a result of our genetic mistakes.
The issue is that culture will frequently fit in with what our qualities incline us to. A basic sample is in sustenance inclination, which no one questions has a social segment. Be that as it may, it is striking that cooking styles overall comply with tastes that show sustenance. The society adjusts to sustenance just that it complies with the taste of nourishment. The uncommon products that we advanced to discover tastily. McDonald's French fries taste a greater number of nutritious than they are.
What we have for this situation are hereditary inclinations for nourishment inclination, and after that societies fit in with them. On the off chance that a thought came up in a general public that unequivocally restricted a hereditary inclination. For example, starving your kids, it would presumably have an extremely troublesome time discovering on and winding up being viewed as a piece of a society.
Society can likewise influence qualities! Through the years, the Northern Europeans developed to be more prone to process lactose into adulthood. The ideal route, tentatively, to focus the impact of qualities and society is with divided twin studies. At the point when hereditarily indistinguishable youngsters are brought up in distinctive societies, we can, to some degree, control for the impacts of society. These studies are lavish and hard to do.
2) Many Americans today live in a away so as to fit in. They live in the latest houses, drive the most expensive cars and work in the ‘cool’ jobs. All this is because they see others do the same, and they want to be better than them. The core concepts that cause this include; the human condition that is it is human to desire to be better than them. Therefore, this is the genetic problem that leads to a cultural problem. The second core component the bio-psychological interaction which means that the brain of human beings tries to bring about thoughts and feelings that make individuals be competitive with others. Therefore, people feel comfortable when others perceive them as rich, famous or successful. The third core component is the sociological ages, which means that people of a certain age will behave differently from others due to the people they socialize with. The young adults are the most affected compared to other age groups.
The second mistake is the crime among the American community. One of the core components under this mistake includes; Sustainability, which is that an individual will steal something to sustain themselves. The other core component is the commons. This means that an individual will commit the crime so as to fit in a particular group. A crime will be committed because it is common in a certain community. The third core component is the nested realities. An individual would rather live in a bubble than accept reality. If one is not living the life they want they are forced to commit the crime to satisfy their greed
These two mistakes can be solved by accepting ourselves. We do not have to be like other people. Therefore, if we stop being greedy for material wealth, then our lives will be more satisfying.
3) The story of stuff demonstrates the core component of prevailing and emerging paradigms in that people consume or purchase a lot of things they do not need. People buy stuff to fulfill their spiritual or ego needs. This means that these purchases are not even necessary, but they still happen. A lot of stuff is manufactured in the economy, and people consume them, and that is the way of life. The story of stuff shows the core component of tectonic stress in that the overuse of earth resources causes harm. The story of stuff talks of how the Americans way of life is destroying the environment.
4) The solution to these problems has to start from the citizens of America. This means that every individual has to play their part before the government enforces its rules. An individual has to accept their living conditions and at the same time try to work hard for a better life. Society vices like crime and greed should not happen at all. On the other hand, the government should enforce laws that punish criminals. The government can also assist the youth by creating more jobs in the country while at the same time sponsoring those who cannot afford to pay their school fees.
5) The questions of sustainability that I would ask about this proposal are; how will people move to the city? What alternative mode of transport would they use? This proposal has great opportunities for success because, cars in the city causes traffic congestion that is not good for the economy. The carrying capacity is that there are many other options that city dwellers can use like bicycles or the train. This proposal may not be passed because people might be reluctant to change. They are used to moving around using cars, and the thought of adapting another mode of transport may be difficult.
6) Access is important in the equity equation because it shows that the funds are accessible to the business.

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