Domestic Violence Against Men (Interactional Dimension) Essays Examples

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The common belief is that only women suffer from domestic abuse but the fact is there are many men out there undergoing painfully, stressful lives because of domestic violence. Domestic violence is an issue that introduces hot debates as the concerned parties seek ways and means of ending the situation. Men might suffer from domestic violence undiscovered because most fear exposing their problems to the public because of shame. The United States has more than 4000 domestic violence programs but less than 10 percent of these offer services to battered men. Do men have somewhere to turn to for support when they get abused? The following paper examines the relevant issues, concerns, themes, key stakeholders on the issue of domestic violence against men. Additionally, the paper will provide an action plan and a recommendation that would ensure an end to domestic violence.

Issues related to domestic violence against men

In United States of America alone, more than 800000 men fall victims of domestic violence each year (WebMD Future, 2015). Domestic violence would be defined as an act of abuse used by one individual in a relationship to control another person emotionally. Everybody can fall a victim of domestic violence regardless of gender, size, and strength. Men are the more involved in domestic violence compared to women, the reason more than 90 percent of domestic violence programs target female victims. According to Cheryl from Encyclopedia of Crime and Justice (2002), women engage in domestic violence in the process of defending themselves from their husbands. Families undergo a lot of problems other than problems related to finance. Internal domestic issue have become more exposed to the public as victims seek help from friends, relatives, and concerned sectors on the issue of domestic violence.
The main themes related to the issue of domestic violence against men include personal/behavioral interests, lack of education on family and domestic values, and lack of profession, management, and emotional support from women and gender studies stakeholders. Understanding these themes help in identifying significant problems and causes of domestic violence against women and developing effective mitigation plan that would help save the future generation. A close study of these themes revealed that men decided to raise their voice and admit to violence out of desperation. According Barnish (2004), personal and behavioral themes plays an important role in guiding the stakeholders on decision-making by relying on an individual’s personality.


The key stakeholders in the sector of domestic violence include beneficiaries or targets to the program. In this case, men and the society are the beneficiaries. Second key stakeholders are domestic violence program leaders engaged in addressing the issue and finding solutions. Other stakeholders include institutions involved in guidance and counseling programs, health practitioners, social workers, and the government. Stakeholders should help victims get out of the situation and prevent further cases from happening in the future irrespective of whether a person is a man or a woman. Additionally, the Ministry of Women and Gender should act now and not wait until the number of buttered men becomes the same as that of women in order to take action. Men too deserve protection because they are human beings and have emotions like any other living being.

The Action Plan

Stakeholders should create awareness through extensive campaigns to find solutions to violence against men and make the issue a public concern. The action plan should focus on the following major issues. Firstly, the plan should come up with a list of competent members including their names, numbers, and occupation in both private and public sectors. Secondly, the plan should have an objective and a timeline for execution. The primary purpose of the plan is ending violence against men and the timeline for implementation should be within a period of five years. Additionally, the plan should offer room for new members because everyday men are abused. On the other hand, the plan should be able to identify men undergoing domestic abuse in silence.


The following recommendations would help end violence against men and help build a responsible society in the future. Firstly, the government in collaboration with stakeholders should develop initiatives and programs through major departments in order to counteract domestic violence against men. The government has the mandate of ensuring poor and marginalized communities have equal opportunities as provided by the constitution because many domestic violence cases are reported in these areas (Morna & Gender Links (Organization, 2014). Secondly, men should be bold enough to report any case of domestic violence in order to help other stakeholders, such as the government, the domestic violence against me programs, identify and punish the offenders. Offenders who go unpunished have higher probability of repeating the action. Additionally, most men are victimized by their spouses who make them remain silent and suffer internally.


Men should not be left to suffer in the hands of violence women ; instead they should also get help because they are human beings and have emotions. Violence against men has received little or no attention because most programs focus on women and children. As discussed in the paper, men get abused by their spouses every day. The highlighted action plan would play a major role in addressing relevant issues and implementation of recommendations. On the other hand, key domestic violence themes play significant roles in establishing major causes of violence that help professionals determine effective mitigation programs. Stakeholders also have a part to play in promoting an end to domestic men violence.


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