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The seriousness of the problem of bullying is hard to overlook. Bullying comes in a number of forms and may target people of practically any age, gender, and background. It does not affect the lives of the victims alone, but of those who take the act of bullying, too. With the rapidly growing popularity of the world web and social media platforms, bullying takes new forms and scales. While staying disguised and anonymous, the online bullies may easily turn other people's lives in misery, causing serious consequences – from stress and anxiety to depression and suicidal thoughts.

The above-described issues are only a few examples of what you can cover in your research paper on bullying. In order to find more interesting ideas and figure out how to structure your work, you can visit our open directory, which compiles thousands of free, professionally-written essay samples, including those on bullying. Having read and analyzed several such examples, you'll be ready to come up with a strong statement of your future work, as well as develop a detailed outline.

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